21 October 2010

Google Poll-of-polls Election Forecast Map... and Other Fun Facts

Google Maps now has joined forces with RealClearPolitics, Cook, Rothenberg, et. al. to produce this useful midterm tracker as Americans prepare en mass to pound a stake in the heart of the ill-fated 'progressive' movement... 

Lookin' good for the white hats... and grim for the White House:

Interestingly, Rasmussen reports that a majority of likely voters now say that any low-down congresscritter that voted for the multi-zillion-dollar bailouts, porkulus, and/or ObamaCare boondoggle ought not be re-elected... but rather frog-marched out of the capital building ASAP -here-

In another survey, The Hill reports a majority in key congressional battleground states feel Obama has either brought no 'change' to DC... or only a change for the worse -here-

Just a few weeks back, Dick Morris and Michael Barone were about the only ones daring to say a 100-seat Demplosion was within the realm of real possibility- with many warning against Republican overconfidence. But with just 12 days before election, a historical 3-figure shift is not only being discussed widely amongst us... but in Democratic circles as well, as they now observe -to  their abject horror- a Midwest meltdown unfolding right before their eyes... -here-

No wonder they're starting to freak out, like Steny Hoyer actually laying a sucker punch on his GOP opponent in Maryland Charles Lollar. Does this idiot Hoyer know Major Lollar is a Marine reservist...?  Talk about cruisin-for-a-bruisin... lucky for him Lollar's above it -here-

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