29 October 2010

Hope-n-Change Death Watch

Obama "out-of-touch with 80% of the American people"...

It's become common knowledge that the power-mad American Left is in deep, deep political trouble primarily due to the reckless expansion of government engineered by Team Obama. But while many conservatives are nervously pondering what could go wrong in the next few days to blow this precious opportunity, others see a larger, deeper change in the political environment of our country that goes much farther than just a single election cycle... myself included. 

It increasingly does appear that we are experiencing a full-on renaissance of the American conservative movement... one based on personal liberty and fiscal discipline, and under perhaps a wider social-issues tent then in the past. It's the opposition to outrageous spending and the Dems' Big Government agenda that brought the TEA Party movement to the verge of power, and it's those issues that unite the resurgent Right in America today.

Here in the run-up to perhaps the most vital mid-term elections in US history, Nile Gardiner at The Telegraph (UK) says it's not just the tone of this mid-term election... but the sheer scale of the conservative wave sweeping America that really makes the impression on him. As for the now-ubiquitous Titanic analogies... better think Poseidon Adventure:

Gallup has another devastating poll which makes extremely grim reading for the White House today. Gallup’s polling shows that 48 percent of Americans now regard themselves as conservative, higher than each of the last three midterms, compared to just 20 percent who describe themselves as liberals. In addition, Gallup reveals that 55 percent of likely voters next week are Republican or lean Republican, in contrast to 40 percent who are Democrat or lean Democrat...

The poll underscores not only the huge advantage the Republicans have going into next week’s election, but also the sheer scale of the conservative revolution in America. As Gallup shows, conservatives now outnumber liberals by an almost 2.5 to 1 ratio. Liberals make up just 20 percent of the American population. Barack Obama is the most left-wing president in US history, and is clearly out of touch with at least 80 percent of the American people, who clearly do not share his ideology.

Next Tuesday looks set to be an epic disaster for the Left in America, and the capsizing of the president’s Big Government dream. 

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