30 October 2010

Projector-in-Chief in Fine Form on the Stump: Says Republicans Getting "Cocky"

Is this character for real...?

Campaigning in Virginia yesterday, the American Left's head projectionist was once again delivering the kind of jaw-dropping hypocrisy and sardonic spew we've come to expect from him... and then some.  Obama has seldom been honest about much of anything, but under recent pressure he's pretty much creating his own alternative reality... one where the Democrats don't suck quite so much lol:

Obama slammed "cocky" Republicans as he launched a last-ditch weekend campaign to stave off a humiliating defeat for his Democrats in mid-term elections... 

"They are feeling kind of cocky right now ... the Republican leader in the House said this is not a time to compromise," Obama said, opening fresh hostilities with John Boehner, who is likely to be Speaker if Republicans win.

What a shock: he's somehow not feeling-the-love from House Minority Leader John Boehner, who Obama has personally mocked and politically attacked... not to mention treated like a bothersome child while he was ramming an unwanted, partisan Big-Government makeover down all our throats. And this coming from a narcissistic megalomaniac about as arrogant as one could even imagine...

Would you like some gub'ment cheese with that whine, sir? 

And did it ever occur to Barack Obama that maybe -just maybe- Boehner was actually pledging to uphold conservative principles in the new legislature... under pressure from the TEA Party electorate and precisely to reassure those concerned that the GOP might make ill-conceived deals with this White House? 

It's just not about you anymore, Barry- and nobody owes you compromise or anything of the sort, best get used to it: your agenda is about to be comprehensively and indisputably rejected by the citizens of this country (oh yeah, them)... and unlike you, the GOP is at least pretending to listen this time...

Obama also seized on a comment by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell that his party's top priority in the new Congress would be to help the eventual Republican party presidential candidate in 2012.
"The Republican leader of the Senate said that his main goal for the next two years, his top priority, is to beat me in the election," Obama said.
"He didn't say 'my top priority is to create jobs' ... he is already thinking about the next election and this one is not over yet."

Regardless of the merit of the Senator's statements, Obama himself has done little but smile, campaign, pontificate, rabble-rouse and golf for two years whilst his scheming, dysfunctional "progressive" agenda terrorizes and oppresses the nation's job-creators. He now has the unmitigated gall to paint Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell as a calculating political animal... who's not doing enough to reduce unemployment...
"That's what's wrong with Washington ... that's the kind of cynicism that we are fighting against."

Would that be the royal "we", then? Because few others remain on-board for this tiresome fairy tale either. The Washington DC that Dear Leader likes to paint as so monumentally screwed-up -and which he finds infinitely useful as a rhetorical demon- has been run by Democrats for 4 years now... with His Oneness in the White House for almost two. 

I sure don't know how this nominal "outsider" status was ever considered a plus, anyway- even as it was, the President's pre-DC background is far from admirable: Obama hails from the politically-repugnant swamp of Chicago, a system in which he thrived... and thus predictably brought the oppressive, snarling, lying, stealing, cheating Machine to all of us.

Genghis Kahn was an "outsider" too, you know- and you didn't see anybody celebrating when he rolled into town, no matter how bad things were when he got there.
Now that Obama's warped plans to take a wrecking-ball to this society while creating a goofy cult-of-personality and engineering relentless power grabs has failed, it's interesting to see how desperate/pathetic he's quickly become: this pompous loser has already stooped to playing the victim at the hands of fictional racists, "obstructionist" Party-of-No Republicans like Boehner with almost no practical power... as well as now-demonized former political supporters such as BP and Wall Street banks....

Shameless hypocrite?  One like no other- a real piece of work
Narcissist?  Fits all the criteria...

Cynical? Oh, yeah
Habitually dishonest?  Radical?  Incompetent? 

Sadly, the answer to all those questions is "yes" too... thus we live in perilous times. But most have come to see this man and his agenda for what they are... unmitigated failure... and are planning to march right into that booth and vote the straight-GOP ticket this Tuesday as the first step in our new conservative revolution
Nothing else will stop the out-of-control progressive Left at this critical juncture. The time is now, and don't forget we've got a layer of voter fraud to punch-through... the opportunity laying before us may be our last. 

Go on RINO safaris and bicker with libertarian friends about Iraq later- there'll be plenty of time for that after we neuter this twit Obama... Vote GOP 2010

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