18 October 2010

"Rich Whitey" on the Ballot in Chicago!

Standard Chicago Machine bureaucratic incompetence -the source of much that's wrong with the World's Biggest Cow Town- now brings us world-class Chris Rock-style humor:

An embarrassed Chicago Election Board will spend the money and time to re-program and re-test 4,200 electronic voting machines to correct a spelling error that changed the last name of Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney to "Whitey." 

If the mistake had been anything other than "Whitey" in a city with a history of racial politics, the costly correction might not have been necessary, officials said. But, since the error was made on machines scheduled to be delivered to nearly two dozen Chicago wards, half of them predominantly African-American, there was no choice but to spend the tens of thousands of dollars needed to make the change...

Freudian slip?  Anyhoo, such a comprehensively irrelevant Green Party character is probably delighted that voters outside his family and the Sierra Club now know he exists... might even break that elusive 1% barrier.  No such thing as "bad publicity" they say... just get the name right.