26 November 2010

Fresh North Korean Artillery Fire Heard Near Shelled Island: "Brink of War"

Shrill DPRK propaganda threatens "shower of fire"

The ever-belligerent Norks fired more large guns today in the vicinity of the South Korean island shelled on Tuesday. To most observers it appears that a fading Kim Jong Il is happy to blow up a few Southern fisherman in order to impress the military with his choice of under-achieving 27-year-old son Kim Jong Un
reportedly not the sharpest knife in the drawer- as his designated successor in the world's only hereditary communist dictatorship. 

He's already made the kid a four-star general, and after visiting the artillery site on Monday the younger Kim is rumored to have ordered the attack himself...
Fresh artillery shots were heard Friday on the tense South Korean island of Yeonpyeong, three days after it was devastated by a North Korean attack and hours after Pyongyang warned that the peninsula was on the brink of war. 

The blasts happened just after the top U.S. commander in South Korea, Gen. Walter Sharp, toured Yeonpyeong Island in a show of solidarity with Seoul and to survey damage from Tuesday's hail of North Korean artillery fire that killed four people. 

An official at the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said several new rounds of artillery fire were heard Friday on Yeonpyeong, which is just 7 miles (11 kilometers) south of the North Korean mainland. The military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said several distant explosive sounds came from the direction of North Korea. There were no immediate reports of damage.

Seems the Kims are doing their best to frighten their enemies much as a rattlesnake would... and with a comparable moral code(Yonhap News Service:)
Threatening "a shower of dreadful fire," North Korea said Friday it will wipe out its enemies if its sovereignty is violated, warning that the Korean Peninsula is inching to the "brink of war." The warnings by the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea and the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) are the latest threats Pyongyang has issued since South Korea and the U.S. agreed to hold joint drills near the communist country in a show of force. 

The rhetoric raises already high tension after the communist country exchanged deadly artillery barrages with South Korea on Tuesday, killing two marines and two civilians here in one of the most violent clashes on the peninsula since the 1950-53 Korean War. North Korea, officially called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), denies initiating the clash, warning it will mount additional attacks if its territorial waters are violated. 

"The army and people of the DPRK are now greatly enraged at the provocation of the puppet group while getting fully ready to give a shower of dreadful fire and blow up the bulwark of the enemies" if they violate the North's sovereignty, the committee said. 

In the Korean version of the statement released through the KCNA, the North said it is "ready to annihilate enemies' stronghold," a possible reference to major military bases and civilian facilities in the South. 

It also said its forces "precisely targeted and struck" South Korean artillery units on Tuesday in what can seen as an admission of a deliberate attack on the South. 

"Gone are the days when verbal warnings are served only," the committee said in the English statement. "The group should not run amuck, clearly understanding the will and mettle of the highly alerted army and people of the DPRK to wipe out the enemies." 

If the Chinese are serious about being a world leader, now might be an appropriate time to act like it and control their brats before somebody loses an eye... or worse.

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Doomed said...

One of the big selling points of the Obama...the one...the ruler of the universe....was that he could simply reason with, extend his hand, sit down and all would be right with the world.

He could make Iran see the error of their ways. Solve the Middle East crisis. Solve the Israel/Palestine Issue.

Bring North Korea into the league of nations.

He could in effect use his superior intellect and charming personality. He could impugn the hawkish policy of Bush and Reagan that kept us safe and replace it with KUMBYEAHHHHHHH.......

And all would be right with the world....

In effect Barak Obama...

Just could do it all. He was the bomb. He was the man. He was the greatest....

He was after all.........The ONE.....Neo in disguise.

North Korea Just proves that if you extend your hand of friendship they will capitulate. All the recent TERRORIST events and Attempts on American soil prove the progressives claims that changing the tone will get all those Muslim terrists to just love us.

Obama after all is....THE ONE...Neo in disguise.

Come on Obama......Why is North Korea firing Artillery at our Allies?

You are THE ONE...........

aren't you?

Reaganite Republican said...

Well, they sure told us he was all that, didn't they lol

joetote said...

I wrote the following well over a year ago. In the full post, I made the argument that this President showing the weakness that he is now known for would in fact aid and abet this tin horn dictator in N.Korea. Now, the madman is taking his shots as I feared and the Moron in Chief has the utter gall to proclaim this isn't a crisis or something to that effect.

"WE CANNOT NEGOTIATE WITH MADMEN! Chamberlain Jr. has got to get that through his fat head! While we fiddle/faddle, Korea lies to our faces while working at getting what they want! One other thing here. The loonies on the left seem to think the Koreans, being the honorable people that they are ,would never do anything stupid! Wrong!! As is evidenced buy their latest action, the North Koreans are willing to risk destruction well knowing the weak sister leaders of the world will cave in as always. And in the eyes of the morons in power here, they can't deliver a payload! WRONG! They have a short range missile that can deliver a small warhead. And lest anyone forget, we have 35,000 troops around the border there. One bomb. That's all it takes! But we'll trust the Anti-American UN and a madman?! Good Grief!

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

The mistakes we have made in foreign policy, beginning with Bill Clinton, changed everything about our reality. Clinton did nothing about Islamic terrorism. Bush left office without taking care of Iran, and there is no hope of holding them back now. Obama allowed China to completely own us and we have no way to stop Korea without creating a terrible mess, unless China steps up, and I doubt they will.

Obama is comfortable with letting the U.N. thwart us in every way. What a sad, sad place the most powerful country on the face of the earth is in - with a president who believes power must be shared with everyone.

Yes RR, this is the time for China to put a thumb on NK. I wonder if bookies are making bets on this?

joetote said...


One other point on the Clinton angle.

Please note: I firmly believe China has already fired a warning shot at the U.S. also as that thing off the coast of California was definitely a missile, government lies beside. Thanks to Clinton allowing them to buy missile guidance technology along with this President's Chamberlain like tendencies (Anti-American in my book) it stands to reason that China is getting exactly what it wants

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