22 November 2010

Palin Humiliates Bumbling and Ignorant Character Assassins at the Far-Left Gawker

Like shooting fish in a barrel... next!

This comes our way courtesy of Gateway Pundit- as yet another crew of liberal tools out to destroy Palin get the tables turned on them... and to devastating effect:
It seems that there are those people that continue to sneer at Sarah Palin, portraying her as stupid, and worse.  Each time this has occurred Palin has proved them wrong.  Their lack of success has not deterred them from continuing to try.  This incident ends no differently.

As you probably know Mrs. Palin has written a new book called, “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag“. It’s scheduled to be released this week.  
Gawker, a far left muckraker publication, and no stranger to Palin bashing, published leaked excerpts from her book.  Mrs. Palin objected to the leaks.  She tweeted this:  “The publishing world is LEAKING out-of-context excerpts of my book w/out my permission? Isn’t that illegal?”
Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor responded to Mrs. Palin, snidely lecturing her about copyright law.
“Did you catch the excerpt we posted yesterday from Sarah Palin’s new book? Sarah did. She tweets with rage: “The publishing world is LEAKING out-of-context excerpts of my book w/out my permission? Isn’t that illegal?”
[Sarah: If you're reading this—and if you are, welcome!—you may want to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the law. Try starting here or here. Or skip the totally boring reading and call one of your lawyers. They'll walk you through it.]
Unfortunately for Gawker, they don’t seem to have read their own links.  Or perhaps they simply didn’t comprehend them as explained to them, no doubt, by their attorneys. 
Harper Collins, Palin’s publisher, promptly asked for and received an injunction against Gawker Media, asking that the site be banned from what it termed “further copyright infringement.”  The injunction prohibits Gawker from “continuing to distribute, publish or otherwise transmit pages from the book” pending a hearing on Nov. 30...

Sure would be nice if she chose to press charges and shed some light on the network of media hacks conspiring against her... seems like a golden opportunity.
But sadly, it's not just libs who are out to get Sarah Palin, as most of you know. Bush family matron Barbara and George Will -elements of the old guard GOP that helped in driving the party into the ground- are piping in with their two cents lately. But in who's listening to these spent-force blue blood Republican types in the midst of a epic grassroots conservative revolution anyway?

Best get with the program George Will... you geek lol.  If not, just go sit play with your baseball cards and stay out of the way. At this point, even the NYT's Frank Rich is beginning to face reality... Barbara wants Jeb run... what's your excuse then:
It’s anti-elitism that most defines angry populism in this moment, and, as David Frum, another Bush alumnus (and Palin critic), has pointed out, populist rage on the right is aimed at the educated, not the wealthy. The Bushies and Noonans and dwindling retro-moderate Republicans are no less loathed by Palinistas and their Tea Party fellow travelers than is Obama’s Ivy League White House. 
When Palin mocks her G.O.P. establishment critics as tortured, paranoid, sleazy and a “good-old-boys club,” she pays no penalty for doing so. The more condescending the attacks on her, the more she thrives. This same dynamic is also working for her daughter Bristol, who week after week has received low scores and patronizing dismissals from the professional judges on “Dancing with the Stars” only to be rescued by populist masses voting at home.
Revealingly, Sarah Palin’s potential rivals for the 2012 nomination have not joined the party establishment in publicly criticizing her. They are afraid of crossing Palin and the 80 percent of the party that admires her. So how do they stop her? Not by feeding their contempt in blind quotes to the press — as a Romney aide did by telling Time’s Mark Halperin she isn’t “a serious human being.” Not by hoping against hope that Murdoch might turn off the media oxygen that feeds both Palin’s viability and News Corporation’s bottom line. Sooner or later Palin’s opponents will instead have to man up — as Palin might say — and actually summon the courage to take her on mano-a-maverick in broad daylight.
Short of that, there’s little reason to believe now that she cannot dance to the top of the Republican ticket when and if she wants to.
Give em hell, 'Cuda...

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