13 November 2010

Perusing the Conservative Blogosphere...

-Best of the New Media's Resurgent Right-

The Camp of the Saints brings you his regular quote-of-the-week -here- 

The Conservative Wahoo sounds the call: Steele Must Go 

Moonbattery -this week's RR Featured Blog- finds Bush Derangement Syndrome still raging amongst liberals -here- 

The Lonely Conservative reports that serial failure Obama is leaving the economic summit empty handed... is anybody surprised -here- 

Adrienne's Corner has an informative Bill Whittle clip on gun rights -here-  

Weasel Zippers finds Bubba actually praising W's new book...

Fishersville Mike:Coming to Terms with a One-Term Obama 

Conservative Pup sees the Communist Party USA dropping all pretenses -here-

And So It Goes in Shreveport asks "Did Rubio out-Jindal  Bobby Jindal?" -here-

Mean Ole Meany is Explaining Simple Concepts for the Left

American Power has Art Laffer's growth agenda for the new GOP Congress -here- 

Conservative Hideout 2.0  posts a fun weekly feature called Fascist Friday -here- 

Government Mess: Pelosi ways they didn't lose because of her... -here- 

Mind-Numbed Robot  finds Obama networking with fellow Bolsheviks -here-

Libertarian Advocate: We are the Ones We've Been Waiting For -here- 

Randy's Roundtable graces us with a comprehensive Obowma gallery  -here- 

Innominatus is sure a cool-sounding name. I'm not sure what it means, but he says Oregon people have a reputation for being a little weird..-here- 

Conservative Perspective has a bombshell: FEMA concentration camps confirmed! -here- 

Maggie's Notebook presents the parable of Why Johnny Can't Borrow -here- 

Gateway Pundit finds CNN's Kathleen Parker proud to be "leading the attack" on Sarah Palin -here- 

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