12 January 2011

Duplicitous Dupnik in A WORLD of Hurt Now...

Deflect, divert, attack opponents... 
typical cornered, incompetent lib

Meanwhile back in reality, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik allowed myriad opportunities to prevent a gruesome bloodbath slip right through his hands... and he knows it

Yesterday the Pima County Sheriff that's been attempting to tack the Tuscon massacre on the American Right in general -and Rush Limbaugh in particular- got a call of congratulations from the President himself... isn't that special.

Thinking persons can be excused for asking "what the hell for"- other than Dupnik's failure to prevent a blood-curdling tragedy right under his nose... must be the diversionary Alinskyite attacks upon American talk radio that Obama finds so to his liking.

And Sheriff Dupnik's got plenty to try and divert us from: according to Arizona's La Cholla Jumps, Dupnik knew all about Jared Loughner, yet assured local radio hosts, bloggers, and college administrators threatened by him -thus frightened for their lives- that the mental health system had him under control... and that they had nothing to worry about (!)

Furthermore, Loughner's mother was herself working for Pima County at the time, while Sheriff Dupnik suggested to some that prosecution of Jared Loughner was "unnecessary" and would cause more problems than it solved. 

Now there's been twenty people shot in Pima County, six fatalities including a Federal judge and a 9-year-old child... and Dupnik could have easily prevented it. 

With the actual reason Dupnik's gone aggro on bloggers, Rush Limbaugh, the TEA Party, et al out of the bag, you've got to wonder how long he'll be in the job now- lawsuits to follow. 

Sheriff Dupnik knows just how involved he was in keeping a bloodthirsty ogre out on the street... and also how he failed to file the charges that could have prevented Loughner from buying that problematic semi-auto Glock 9mm, apparently with his unemployment check. Dupnik's behavior in the wake of the tragedy -coming out firing with both barrels at conservative media- hardly  bespeaks confidence in his previous handling of the situation.

Alas, any argument purporting that lucid political logic drove the actions of this madman is moot, anyway- certified shrink Dr. Charles Krauthammer is convinced that Loughner's a paranoid-schizophrenic, no real surprise there. Still, as for the MSM's handling of the story, Dr K sees nothing but "cynicism, willful ignorance, and malice".

Leftist opportunists need need to be called on the sickening false narrative they're pushing in order to exploit this tragedy. What they are doing is way wrong, and the intentionally misleading statements and unprincipled innuendo need to be bathed in the harsh light of reality...

It's not Rush Limbaugh nor Sarah Palin that have blood on their hands, Sheriff Dupnik... it's you and that lunatic you should have had locked away years ago.


Left Coast Rebel said...

Great post and well said, I have this as post of the day over at LCR, thanks for the link yesterday!

Maggie Thornton said...

I don't think I've ever seen a sheriff act as Dupnik has. Right-out-the-box he started the rhetoric. He knew he was culpable. He is just one more that I wish many sleepless nights.

I would sure like to know the mother's connection to the sheriff. Thanks for the link RR.

Reaganite Republican said...

Thanks LCR and Maggie

The mother worked as an analyst in the natural resources area... not very direct, but Dupnik clearly sandbagged going after this kid for no apparent reason

And yeah, he did come with this crap right out of the box... makes me think he got a call from someone in DC perhaps

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