07 January 2011

TGIF Rock-n-Roll Oldies: Bread - 1972

Bread was a rock band formed in Los Angeles, CA. They enjoyed 13 hit songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart between 1970 and 1977, in the process pioneering a new genre later to become known as 'soft rock'. Bread consisted of David Gates , Jimmy Griffin, Robb Royer, Mike Botts, then Larry Knechtel (replacing Royer in 1971).

Before forming Bread, Gates had worked with Royer's previous band, The Pleasure Fair, producing and arranging the band's 1967 album, The Pleasure Fair. Royer then introduced Gates to his songwriting partner, Griffin, and the trio joined together in 1968 and signed with Elektra Records, choosing the name Bread in 1969. 

Bread's first single, "Dismal Day" in the Summer of 1969 flopped, but the second album On the Waters established them as a major act in 1970 with the #1 hit "Make It With You". 

For their next single, they released a re-recorded version of "It Don't Matter To Me", a Gates song from their first album. This single was a hit as well, reaching #10. 

The band began touring and recording the 1971 album titled Manna (#21), which included the Top 5 hit single, "If". In January 1972 Bread released Baby I'm-a Want You, their most successful album, peaking at #3 on the Billboard 200. The title song was established as a hit in late 1971 before the album was even released. Follow-up singles "Everything I Own" and "Diary" also went Top 20. 

The next album, Guitar Man, was released ten months later and went to #18. The album produced three Top 20 singles, "The Guitar Man" (#11), "Sweet Surrender" (#15), and "Aubrey" (#15), with the first two going to #1 on Billboard's adult contemporary chart.

Despite the band's success, tensions existed between Gates and Griffin. By 1973, fatigue from constant recording and touring had set in and personal relationships began to show strain. There was also some dissatisfaction with the songs planned for a sixth album. Bread decided to go their own ways with solo projects, but to limited success.

The Best of Bread compilation album from 1973 became a standard in everybody's collection, a huge commercial success that peaked at #2 and remained on the chart for over two years. A follow-up, The Best Of Bread, Volume Two, was released in 1974 and went to #32. 

The reunion of the group in 1976 came in the form of the LP Lost Without Your Love, released in January 1977. The title track, again written and sung by Gates, was the band's last Top 10 hit...


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Randy-g said...

Damn I am old, I guess they were playing when I was in HIGH SCHOOL.....

Matt said...

This is before my time (Sorry Randy), but I've heard the songs.

Thanks RR, for the weekly musical interludes. I always look forward to them.

Anonymous said...

Remembering Bread had me feeling old until I saw Randy-g's comment. I was in grade school when Bread's Make It With You and Everything I Own, among other Bread tracks, were in radio's - AM radio, at that - top 40 rotation. Now I know that, no matter how old I get, Randy-g will always be older.


Reaganite Republican said...

LOL- they're turning on you, Randy

But Bread to me is a very great band- there's a real power in that mellow sound

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