02 February 2011

Perusing the Conservative Blogosphere...

Moonbattery proves that Obama's involvement in Egypt goes way back -here-

JammieWearing Fool takes a comprehensive look at the NY state budget mess -here-

The Other McCain is all Egypted-out... so he's back to Charlie Sheen now -here-

Instapundit asks: "Is he Reagan... or is he Gorbachev" -here-

Left Coast Rebel brings the real State of the Union... real funny video -here-

Maggie's Notebook -this week's RR Featured Blog- finds Al Qaida on the brink of producing a radioactive "dirty bomb"... and that's not all -here-

The Lonely Conservative has a bailed-out Chrysler paying inexplicable UAW bonuses -here-

And So It Goes in Shreveport says the death of the paper book is all but -here-

Adrienne's Corner says ObamaCare is plainly unconstitutional... again -here-

Caught Him with a Corndog gives it to Michael Vick with both barrels -here-

American Power has a clip of Kissinger's take on what's going on in Cairo -here-

Bungalow Bill is again laughing at that RINO's RINO, Goober Graham -here-

Gateway Pundit finds the Egyptian security service whipping protesters in Tahrir Square -here-

The Camp of the Saints has an illuminating piece on the Great Divide in American politics today -here-

Allied Liberty News attends a town hall meeting with the Lt. Col. Allen West -here-

Pundit Press finds the Muslim Brotherhood anxious to close the Suez Canal and start a war with Israel -here-

Government Mess issues a dire warning re. allowing Obama to get his megalomaniacal paws on an internet "kill switch" -here-

Trestin Meacham's new blogging partner Parnell takes a look a monstrous duo, Frankendodd -here-

Conservative Pup asks: is N.O.W still around...? -here-

Amusing Bunni reports on the communist invasion of Palm Springs -here-

America's Watchtower finds more SIEU workers getting ObamaCare waivers -here-

Sentry Journal takes a unique look at when it's best to just let that lib go... -here-

Conservative Perspective provides classic Brit humor... (no, not Nigel Farage) -here-

Randy's Roundtable says top Obama confidant Valerie Jarret's intelligence is way, way overrated -here-