22 February 2011

Stuff You See at Wal-Mart

What one has to endure these days 
just to save a few bucks...

And why is there a Capybara in there, anyway?

Apparently -with the advent of ObamaCare- we all now must replenish
our own medical supplies for hospital stays over 24 hrs...

So that's what ZZ Top have been up to

Whatever happened to No Shirt/No Shoes... blech 

Monster Ghetto Smurfette

I don't see this... can't be happening

Grandma and Grandpa... all rolled into one!

Double scoop... nice!

At least it's unlikely she'll get run-over in the parking lot...

What happens when your ChiaPet makes it to full maturity

Ladies, your one true Romeo has arrived~

WTF moment if ever there was one
More of this crap (if that's not enough) at People of Wal-Mart

In related news, Wal-Mart sales are again disappointing... 
a worrying sign for our nation's enfeebled, debt-ridden economy

-USA Today-   h/t Speedunque