01 February 2011

Take the Political IQ Test...

-and see if you're any better than the average idiot

This is a terrific test, albeit a couple months dated... very enlightening. But not in a good way... the pitiful results betray the fact that a solid majority of Americans have absolutely no idea what's going on in this country.

80% of the voting public doesn't have a clue
and got less than half right!

This goes some ways towards explaining how a shady post-turtle like Barack Obama found his way into the Oval Office- and how the public can continue to be so easily manipulated by the thoroughly-discredited MSM hacks that endeavor to prop him up.

And there are no trick questions here - just a very simple test to see if you are current on your information. It's only a dozen questions... but NO Googling during the test, kids~

I just took it and got two wrong, I'll admit... but that's still good-enough to put me in the 94%tile, what does that tell you about the American voter today...

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Pew Research Center