05 March 2011


-Wacky Kadaffy/Terrorists/Dhimis-

Moonbattery: UN Praises Gaddafi's Human Rights Record (!) 

The Lonely Conservative: Fred Grandy Forced Off Radio After Criticizing Radical Islam -here-

America's Watchtower: Two American Airmen Killed in Germany Victims of a Terrorist Attack  -here-


Caught Him with a Hot Link Corndog: Charlie Sheen FAIL 


-Incurable Corruptocrats-

Jammie Wearing Fool: Rangel Lends Support to Drug Gang Gun Moll -here-

-Wisconsin Union Follies-

Adrienne's Corner: Your Tax Dollars at Work -here-

Doug Ross @ Jounal: Governor Walker sends out layoff notices to union bosses; tells Fleabagger Democrats they have 15 days to show up for work -here-

Maggie's Notebook: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has 4 Wobbly GOP Senators? -here-

Proof Positive: Wisconsin Capital: Leftist Protesters' 7.5 Million Dollar Carbon Footprint -here-

-Military/Defense Issues-

Pundit Press: South Korea, WordPress Under Massive DDoS Attack -here-

No Sheeples Here: Cpl. Frank Buckles: The Last Doughboy To Fight In The “War To End All Wars” Has Left Us -here-

Conservative Perspective: Great 21st Century War Looming; Egypt and Libya Only Brush Fires -here-

-Personal/Social Wellness-

The Camp of the Saints: Proctor Report: Breast-Staring Good for Your Heart! -here-

Libertarian Republican: Libertarian Rocker Ted Nugent on why Europe is turning away from Multiculturalism -here-

Government Mess: Obama says the TEA Party is racist- Mark Levin  -here-

Evil Klown: Oh Joy, Our Colleges have Produced Another Genius -here-

And So it Goes in Shreveport: Fishwrap of Record Targets the Supriya Jindal Foundation for Louisiana's Children -here-

-Commies/Useful Idiots-

Sentry Journal: Self-Avowed Communist Van Jones Selling his Snake Oil in Wisconsin -here-

Trestin Meacham: Hunger and Socialist Policies -here-

Pamibe: Commie: Jesse Jackson Jr -here-

Conservative Hideout 2.0: The Revenge of the “Worst Generation” -here-

-Obammunist Regime-

American Power: Chris Matthews' Gay Love Obsession Man Crush on Barack Obama -here-

Left Coast Rebel: If You Build It... Will They Come? -here-

Bungalow Bill: Team Obama unemployment spin debunked

Randy's Roundtable: Energy Independence... It Can Be Done  

Saucy American in NZ: Bush vs Obama on US Gas Prices

Mind-Numbed Robot: Protect Texas Jobs from Illegal Aliens

Conservative Pup: Palin to Announce in April? -here-