10 March 2011

Ruger Issues Special-Edition Firearm Honoring Union Palooka Richard Trumka

Meet the Ruger "Union Worker"...

Key Features:
  • It doesn't work
  • You can't fire it

Speaking of unions, looks like all-out war up in Wisconsin... 
but a major conservative victory is now unfolding, 
and with wide national implications:

Jammie Wearing FoolUnions and Shrieking Democrats Crushed in Wisconsin -here-

Instapundit: "It's like the unionized law enforcement people are taking sides..." -here-

Weasel Zippers: Michael Moore Tells Leftists, “Go to Madison, Wisconsin- This is War, Class War”… -here-

Pundit Press: Deranged Liberals: "Walker Must Die" -here-

Adrienne's Corner: The Loony Left Shows us What Civility Looks Like -here-

Gateway Pundit: LEFTIST FREAK OUT!… Wisconsin Loons Lock Capitol Doors -here-

Big Government: Unions Storm Madison, Break Windows: Capital in Chaos -here-

Thanks Speedunque and Pookie's Toons

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Aurelius said...

Thanks for the link

Randy-g said...

It doesn't work. Heh.

Matt said...

I hear the gun hangs out in Wisconsin, roughs up taxpayers, and demands that we buy it more and more ammunition.

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