24 March 2011

US Census Bureau: America Set to be an Overpacked Third-World Dump by 2060

According to the latest estimates of US population growth emanating from the Census Bureau, in 50 years from now the United States of America will need to have made room for a bloated populace numbering some 459 million American citizens -and that's not even including 3M+ illegals flooding our nation's borders annually.

Yes, legal US population growth alone will bring 150+ million new Americans by 2060- and the vast majority of this incremental increase will consist of immigrants and their offspring... not children born of established American families. 

The cumulative US Census prediction is represented by a yellow mid-range line of the (below) chart, while anything north of that would be newcomers to the States over the coming years and decades. The calculations are based upon current immigration and fertility levels, and these kind of numbers should concern anyone who harbors interest in the common-sense long term management of this country, it's culture, and it's traditions. 

DO keep in-mind that NONE of the lines you see here include any illegal immigrants, not a one... and there's 30 million over-the-fence already:

But none of this is inevitable... one should note that the projections are based upon the assumption of Congress never cutting immigration: perhaps you'd like to spit in your Congressman's ear...? (EZ links below to House/Senate reps).

The sad reality is that our feeble, indebted, entitlement-mired economy doesn't even come close to supplying enough jobs for millions out of work here now... at 10% unemployment, many remain on the public dole for months and even years.

Saddled with the damaging consequences of Obamanomics' myriad failures, America today faces a grim economic landscape for some time to come.

Simply put, there is no serious reason to support mass amnesties and/or a level of legal immigration unmatched anywhere in the world other than to fulfill
liberal dreams of a huge, new obedient voting block... and everybody knows it.

In the coming years and decades we are set to be swamped with hundreds-of-millions more for whom we can provide little opportunity outside of gang membership... does it really have to be this way?

Note how the US Census Bureau web-page now prominently displays -rather than population of American citizens- a number of 308M+ for "Resident Population"... that should tell you where this highly-politicized bureau's head is at while Barack Obama presses-on with a relentless quest to "fundamentally transform our nation" by hook or by crook.

So fight back...

Contact your US House Congressional Rep today -here-

Contact your state's US Senators -here-

NumbersUSA   Pookie's Toons   h/t Roberto


LL said...

We need to close the Southern Border with Mexico NOW. There is nothing racist about it. LEGAL immigration can continue and it's a good thing.

When you think about it, the whole ObamaCare thing was aimed at catering to illegal aliens...

Reaganite Republican said...

I fully agree LL- seems that all the Obama initiatives are highly integrated

Also he likes moves that are difficult to reverse, particularly all the new entitlements and amnesty if he could pull it off

Left Coast Rebel said...

Sobering. Anyone that is unaware of what illegal immigration does to an area should visit inland cities of San Diego -- Chula Vista, for instance.

Government Mess said...

Where I work the laborers are all people from India. I work near Dearborn Michigan for those that didn't know. Of course James knows where I’m at. It's just like working in India. Few know any English at all. They also need to work on their manners. Most are quite rude but a few do act more civilized. They are good people; just less evolved I would say. Our government is letting them come here to work. I wonder in economic times like we are in today if we need to give American jobs to outsiders. Doesn't it make sense to stop the flood gates of foreigners coming here to work our jobs?

Great piece James, have an awesome weekend.

Reaganite Republican said...

You sure those aren't Pakistanis, Phil... or Muslim Indians?

I can't imagine Hindus settling down near, say, Dearborn- same battle they left back home

Sad Hill said...

Perfect headline.

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