05 April 2011

First Obama 2012 Campaign Video:
Uh.. where's Barry?

The One conspicuous by his (calculated) absence

This comes via Other McCain: in avoiding being seen on-stage with many nervous Dems' prior to last year's 'shellacking', Obama might have actually helped a few of them squeek-by.... but will it work for his own re-election bid?

David Plouffe seems to think so: not only is there a paucity of Moonbat Messiah in the Obama 2012 campaign's kickoff video, avoiding actual issues (as well as this sinister post turtle's pathetic record) It Begins with Us features Hispanics, blacks, and a 17 yr old (who's accent pegs the gay-dar meter)... whilst most are also concerned women who appear to be in-love with our generations' answer to Billy Dee Williams.

Then there's one thoughtful southern gentleman who proclaims in a "C'mon y'all" drawl: "I don't agree with Obama on everything, but I respect him... and trust him"...

lol, man ain't that a doozy... in the next life I want to be this rube's car salesman. But outside of that hyper-fictional character, the once-daunting Team Obama machine that soaked 2008 moderates in ether has been reduced to firing-up the liberal base... and not even bothering with the 40% of the country that would like to wring his neck...

Get a XL barf bucket lined-up, here goes: