09 April 2011

Full Metal Jacket Righty Blog Round-Up

"When someone does you a favor... 
find an opportunity to return the kindness!

Good advice, that...

Troglopundit -this week's RR Featured Blog- passes along a quote that really resonates -here-

The Other McCain is every bit as disgusted as one might expect at the sight of John Boehner's skirt pulled-up over his head last night -here-

Maggie's Notebook presents one possible politically pragmatic reason for that -here-

Moonbattery has Geraldo reporting from the front (lol) -here-

Sad Hill News -source of this post's artwork- couldn't help but notice how Big Sis is studiously avoiding the mass graves found on the Mexico side of the Texas border this week -here-

The Powers that Be spotted a blobular NYC councilman telling us how to eat -here-

The Lonely Conservative unloads on "pond scum" Schmucky Schumer -here-

No Sheeples Here finds Oprah not endorsing Obama next year... maybe she's thinking about a primary run, and how her and Trump would make for an interesting race -here-

Pundit Press reports that David Petraeus might be our top spook soon -here-

Always on Watch: posted an amusing clip of Rumsfeld on Obama -here-

Zilla of the Resistance: I Choose Freedom -here-

Mind Numbed Robot offers an illuminating clip on copy/fax machine privacy... trouble is, there isn't any -here- -man, is Bart Simpson in trouble

American Patriots DoF finds another shady Obama ally arrested and charged with sordid acts -here-

Adrienne's Catholic Corner unleashes 6 pounds of furry fury upon an unsuspecting Coeur d' Alene -here-

The Wolf Files Dr. Milton Wolf -Obama's second cousin- wrote a great piece in the Washington Times re how. Big Government is crushing our once-vaunted standard of living-here-

Jammie Wearing Fool: Beer: is there anything it can't do?

The Camp of the Saints says "Ask not what the Kennedys can do for you..." -here-

Weasel Zippers: has some good news: after AARP sold it's members out to support  ObamaCare, the House GOP might yoink their tax-exempt status -here-

So It Goes in Shreveport offers a few thoughts on KSM and Gitmo -here-

Government Mess: if you have't seen the clip of Paul Ryan -re. government lying to us for years- you'll want to -here-

Conservative Hideout 2.0 takes a hard look at Change, Intervention, and Dependency -here-

Teresamerica asks "who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?"... hilarious video re. ongoing turmoil in the Muddled East -here-

Conservative Perspective: Where Eagles Fly... Windmills Won't Survive -here-

Trestin Meacham and Parnell welcome a new star to the team

Randy's Roundtable sees $24/gal gasoline coming-up-the-pike -here-