18 April 2011

Gaddafi Forces Advance on Key Rebel Stronghold of Ajdabiya as Sandstorms Basically Ground NATO Planes

High winds and low visibility allow Tripoli 
to break out the rocket launchers while 
completely ignoring all UN resolutions

Military forces loyal to longtime Libyan strongman Moammar Gaddafi spent yesterday morning shelling Ajdabiya hard -the last major town before the rebels' Benghazi base- then advanced on the town's western gate while engaging the insurgents in brutal combat at close quarters...

Although the day before the rebels had advanced 100km further westward under substantial NATO air cover, just one day of low visibility had all that lost and then some. But while late Sunday afternoon pro-government forces had been repelled at Ajdabiya, the town's nervous citizens -fearing a pending Gaddafi offensive- began fleeing in vehicles on the main highway to Benghazi. At mid-day, the town was reported as deserted save for soldiers.

Sometimes these days rebels are spotted with NATO-supplied radio equipment and body armor, but unsettlingly -and after weeks of western involvement-  troops at the front still appear to be woefully short of not just new weapons, but ammunition for what junk they do have... and even food.

Government forces also continued to pound the besieged port city of Misrata, the only rebel holdout in the Gaddafi-controlled west. Sadly, the city reports 1000+ dead from the shelling NATO said they were there to put a stop to. That's what happens when you're dealing (ineffectively) with a guy happy to use cluster bombs on his own civilians.

Along with officially-promoted brutality and total lack of mercy, Gaddafi's forces continue to display a far higher level of professionalism on the battlefield as they repeatedly outflank the rag-tag opponents... a bunch wholly unable to coordinate even the most basic maneuver warfare, and ironically on the very same soil where Rommel perfected the craft.

Here's the Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution parading through Tripoli in an open-top car over the weekend... maybe it's just me, but he doesn't really seem to be paying any mind to Obama's empty threats and hollow platitudes.

Rather, he's having a grand old time, blowing thousands to bits while rolling though Tripoli like the G-thug that he is... Lil' Wayne eat your heart out, you tattooed gargoyle lol:


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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

If you get outside liberals involved in a CIVIL WAR, this will be the outcome each and every time.

Reaganite Republican said...

No doubt, and by committee to boot

Add inflexible rules of engagement and "no boots on the ground" pledges and small wonder Gaddafi's able to work around whatever small inconvenience they do cause him lol

Always On Watch said...

Sandstorms grounded NATO planes?

The Moslems will cry, "It's the will of Allah that the Great Satan cannot attack us." Pfffft.

Reaganite Republican said...

They were already having trouble figuring out who to bomb and not to bomb when it was sunny and clear, and of course Gaddafi parked his tanks and put his guys out in pickup trucks that look exactly like... the rebels

objectivist said...

It's certainly becoming increasingly clear that we should not have gotten involved in Libya. But, if we averted a "humanitarian crisis," we succeeded. Right, Obama?


prasad said...

No need to listen what Libyan leaders are saying the forces trying to kill all the rebels and also they do not want to participate in help of Libyan people if the other forces will come to Libya then they will what is going on in Libya exactly that's why they do not want to allow other countries forces into Libya.

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