14 April 2011

Neil Cavuto on Why Americans Like Trump

"Yes, he would be a different cup of tea-
but have you looked at these other cups?"

"I don't think it's his money or his fame, it's not how he 

handles the issues... it's how he talks about the issues..."

"He's brutally frank... totally blunt... I think he
like a boxer.... even though he's a billionaire."

"Trump is from the school of hard knocks"

"In our politically correct society, we never hear it...
with The Donald, he blasts it with an elephant gun."

"You rip Trump... he roars back"

"I'm not saying Donald Trump is worth a try... but God knows the success rate what we've had with the conventional types."

"Trump cuts issues to the core by turning them upside-down"

"Rather than discuss cutting spending -like the businessman that he is- Trump talks of 'revenues'... and not from... 
tax increases... but unusual sources, like OPEC nations"

"Trump is more than happy to bang some heads... guys that build skyscrapers with their name (on them) can do that."

"Yes it's true, the world would bristle at a Donald Trump (presidency)... especially those used to an America that
kowtows to them- not this guy"

"We could do worse, my friends..
take a look around, we already have"

And you knew this was coming, lol...