14 April 2011

Neil Cavuto on Why Americans Like Trump

"Yes, he would be a different cup of tea-
but have you looked at these other cups?"

"I don't think it's his money or his fame, it's not how he 

handles the issues... it's how he talks about the issues..."

"He's brutally frank... totally blunt... I think he
like a boxer.... even though he's a billionaire."

"Trump is from the school of hard knocks"

"In our politically correct society, we never hear it...
with The Donald, he blasts it with an elephant gun."

"You rip Trump... he roars back"

"I'm not saying Donald Trump is worth a try... but God knows the success rate what we've had with the conventional types."

"Trump cuts issues to the core by turning them upside-down"

"Rather than discuss cutting spending -like the businessman that he is- Trump talks of 'revenues'... and not from... 
tax increases... but unusual sources, like OPEC nations"

"Trump is more than happy to bang some heads... guys that build skyscrapers with their name (on them) can do that."

"Yes it's true, the world would bristle at a Donald Trump (presidency)... especially those used to an America that
kowtows to them- not this guy"

"We could do worse, my friends..
take a look around, we already have"

And you knew this was coming, lol...


Adrienne said...

If Trump is on the level about running, he could very well win. Contrast what he says with that mealy-mouthed Mitt R. Honestly, if Mitt gets the nomination, I'll have to hold my nose to vote for him.

And besides - since his 484th wife gives you tingles, I'll have to admit that Trump is sort of sexy (his billions help, for sure ;-)

I learned everything I needed to know about running a business when I was about 20 when a successful business man taught me, "there's so much money coming in and so much money going out. What's coming in better be bigger than what's going out." I think the Donald would approve.

Reaganite Republican said...

You know Adrienne, I REALLY would like for this President to have some business sense

Trump's got that

PFFV said...

Great work as always my friend. You are my 2011 blogger of the year.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

He looks a little better to me each day.

John Carey said...

To be honest, I'm personally sick of being lied to by these politicians. I find Trump refreshing.

Mr. Patriot said...

The way i see it...who ever you have in the white house is going to do what they do best....Obama as a lawyer/Organizer is going to pass laws etc..(and in his case expose his Marxist ideals at the same time)..a business man like trump would probably sit down behind his desk in the oval office, crunch numbers, and hopefully help us find a way out of this mess before our country collapses.

If Trump isn't our next president, were in trouble.

objectivist said...

I really think that Trump is one of the few fiscal conservatives who could restore dignity to America. It is embarrassing to have a president go around apologizing for the country and even worse for him to be so eager to spend tax payer money.

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