21 May 2011

CUCKOO for Cocoa Puffs!

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Now, less-impressionable new media pundits 
offer their take on the week's political events...

The Powers that Be finds it amazing what you can buy with foodstamps these days -here-

JammieWearingFool heard MSNBC's Ed Schultz send a message to "radical" Paul Ryan -here-

Left Coast Rebel has a great clip of Gene Simmons from KISS... here's another one that massively regrets voting for the Bolshevik Boy Wonder -here-

Moonbattery compares where Bibi and the Punk came from

New Zeal: has a clip of blatant Obama lies right to US ally Israel's face -here-

Adrienne's Corner found Herman Cain starting to dip his foot in the foreign policy issues, re. Israel (with Neil Cavuto) -here-

The Other McCain's Smitty is asking "What kind of tumor is progressivism?" See answer/punchline -here-

Maggie's Notebook examines what pre-1967 borders really mean for Israel -here-

The Camp of the Saints reports on the real Leader of the Free World... and how he schooled Obama yesterday -here-

American Power examines Obama's sheer abandonment of America, based on a column by the always-insightful Caroline Glick -here-

BigFurHat @ iowntheworld has another reason Newt can't be president... this one should cinch it for any fence-sitters -here-

SadHill News posted that new evidence is about to emerge that exposes the lates Obama BC as nothing but a counterfeit composite -here-

Big Hairy News has the real story about Ahnold-n-Maria-n-whatsername -here-

Balloo finds the King in a forgiving mood -here-

The Wolf Files: Milton x-posted his latest Washington Times column on the corruption built-right-into ObamaCare -here-

Sentry Journal essays: the system isn't broken... but something else is -here-

Conservative Hideout 2.0 has been posting Milton Freidman's Free to Choose in it's entirety, fantastic stuff -here-

And So It Goes in Shreveport is providing pictures from the flood zone -here-

No Sheeples Here takes a look at why with Obama, the "I's" have it -here-

Mind-Numbed Robot has some of Bill Whittle's "MemeBusters", this one re. Bin Laden's widely-celebrated demise -here-

And Trestin and Parnell welcome a new guy to the team over at Trestin Meacham -here-