16 June 2011

'Generic Republican Candidate' Leading Obama 46-44% in Latest Poll

Dear Leader already trailing anybody-but-Obama...  
now watch as the economy really tanks

This is the third week now Rasmussen finds Obama in negative territory vs. a 'generic' GOPer... clearly the OBL bump is gone. And do you know why theirs are the only polls I would ever take at face value...?

First, Rasmussen's well-documented and widely-acclaimed accuracy emanates from polling only likely voters... not just "adults" like others. Simply quizzing any grown-ups Gallup can reach on the phone who are willing to talk to them means many of the fine citizens they manage to scrape-up have never voted (nor worked) a day in their lives... thus, predictably warping poll results to the left of where the actual voters' heads are at.

And you'd never see the kind of skewed samples from Rasmussen that others employ, either... another stunt we've seen with increasing frequency in recent MSM efforts to prop-up the floundering Obammunist regime.

Then consider the superior methodology employed in the production of Rasmussen's popular Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: not only does Rasmussen again interview only likely voters, the DTTP index counts hard sentiment, bypassing those who just flipped a coin-- by subtracting "strongly dissapprove" of Obama from "strongly approve": the number deduced today a pitiful -17%.

Contrast that with left-leaning Gallup's polling of "national adults" and simply "approve" vs "dissapprove"... producing the far more palatable 47/47, in other words zero differential vs. Rasmussen's reality-based -17.... you tell me which seems closer to the sentiment out there on the ground, all I can say is that I don't know a single soul who's happy with this Twilight Zone episode of a presidency.

Of course, Rasmussen's insightful and accurate polling isn't of much use to many that don't want to hear the grim truth sometimes... thus leaving a large market opening for those willing to serve the unprincipled agenda of the Left.