08 June 2011

Israel Left Little Choice but to NUKE IRAN. . . and a Lot Sooner than You Think!

Nuke Iran

As was inevitable in the wake of the Obama Administration's perilous diddling and shameful acquiescence over the last two years, a new report now claims Iran will possess enough enriched nuclear fuel to produce an atomic bomb this summer.

With Russia and China doing more to drive nuclear proliferation in the world than prevent it, who's left to stop Iran (while Obama's out teeing-up on the back nine with his cell-phone turned off)
but tiny Israel... just the same as they did for all the civilized world 
(typically, to zero gratitude) in Iraq in 1983 and then again Syria in 2007.

It seems that in observing the serially inept -yet radical- Obama Administration, it always comes to: "...did they intentionally screw this up?" With all the facts on Tehran's nuclear ambition and systematic deception before them for two years as the primary intended victim of Iranian extermination schemes is repeatedly snubbed and undermined (by Rev Wright's little anti-Semetic Frankenstein)... what else to conclude but that Obama views Israel as eminently disposable -even contemptible- and an Iranian bomb as copacetic.

If the Ayatollahs' suicide cult does manage a successful test anytime soon, it may come as a hideous shock to many in our self-absorbed (and battle-weary) country -a wakeup call that could cinch the 2012 election for the GOP- but likely no surprise to the 18% of Americans who already suspect Obama of being a secret Muslim 5th columnist anyway. 

So just as Jimmy Carter's bumbling handed Iran's massive oil wealth to these Medieval savages in the first place, now thirty years later we have Obama just pretending to care while Tehran gets the missiles and nuclear warheads ready for world jihad.

James Lewis writing in American Thinker today concludes that Obama has (intentionally) allowed the last window for more palatable options slip-on-by... bringing the world to the brink of Armeggedon:

Half a year ago, US air strikes and a no-fly zone might have prevented a nuclear bomb in the hands of the martyrdom ideology of Khomeinist Iran. 

That window has now slammed shut. In about 8 weeks, the RAND report concludes, Iran will have the nuclear material for its first bomb. 

RAND Corporation's Gregory S. Jones believes that Iran has produced almost 40 kilograms of uranium enriched near 20% percent. Jones suggests that air strikes can no longer stop Ahmadinejad's rush to nuclear weapons. 

It appears that the Obama administration knowingly allowed the optimal window of opportunity against Iranian nuclear weapons to pass. As a result, the world has suddenly become immensely more dangerous.

Although dimunitive Israel punches far, far above it's weight, possessing a large fighter fleet (that puts Iran's to shame) and impressive AWACS/drone/ballistic missile/cyberwarfare capabilities, most say it's simply too late for a conventional strike of any sort, as the Iranian nuclear weapons program has been dispersed and hardened over time... making it next to impossible for Israel to get it all with conventional weapons and then enforce a no-fly-zone like Obama clearly should have been doing long before it came to this.

Netanyahu now faces the no-brainer decision whether to
[A] trust/hope Iran won't really want the apocalypse they've been talking about for the last 30 years... OR
[B] employ tactical nuclear first-strikes on the Iranian regime to spare his country and people a new Holocaust (Tehran is located in a geographic bowl, conveniently ensuring instant obliteration).

And the Israeli Defense Forces' nuclear stockpile, you ask? While the Iranians might come up with a couple jerry-rigged devices as soon as this year -with little hope of successfully delivering them to Israeli territiory- the sum of all Israeli nuclear firepower is thought to equal over 2000 Hiroshimas... enough to wipe Iran from the face of the earth.

Naturally, not everyone in Jerusalem is enthused about plans for such a pre-emptive nuclear strike, as it carries heavy moral implications and will likely spark a wider regional war vs. Hamas, Hezbollah/Lebanon, and perhaps Syria (when they're done shelling their protesters). Outgoing Mossad Chief Meir Dagan is in fact dead-set against it, calling any attack -even conventional- on Tehran "stupid" for that very reason, as well as an belief that Israeli threats to Iran are "causing" them to continue with the nuclear program- odd view, to say the least (some suspect political motives).

But Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu sees it entirely different: he knows the enemy endeavors to exterminate the Jewish people, that the so-called Arab Spring is a disaster further reducing Israeli security, and that Obama has all but abandoned Israel... thus "what choice do we have"- answer is little or none. 

Those who think Israel would find it difficult to stage such a long-range mission with fighters should remember that the IDF would enjoy not just massive air superiority, they also possess over 80 nuclear-tipped cruise missiles that can be launched from submarines already in the Persian Gulf, radar-equipped long-range drones that can reach Tehran, as-well as advanced Jericho 3 missiles, shuffled on underground railways then launched from hardened silos under the Israeli desert... they might not need to send very many airplanes, not if going nuclear. 

Yes, it would be a human tragedy to rival many of the worst in history... what a shame it wasn't avoided by our aiding the Iranian opposition in 2009 or hitting the nuclear sites with conventional air power when we still could. Now the worst-case scenario has materialized, a pending nuclear war in the Middle East... one that could have been avoided, if only the United States actually enjoyed competent, good-faith leadership today.

This may prove that even George W Bush never expected Obama to rule in such a bizarre fashion, i.e. betraying key US allies: imo he'd have gone ahead and stuck Iran in 2008 if he'd had a way of knowing it was going to be anything like this...


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The Muzzlocrats just want to be everyone's friend ... except Israel.

Reaganite Republican said...

To me, our nation's position has sprung forth from the anti-Semetism of the Chicago "street"... Obama is always craving their approval like a kid, and Israel is also some sort of evil in Obama's weird, embittered, and horribly racist world view... I mean, this cat is OBSESSED lol

Always On Watch said...

a new report now claims Iran will possess enough enriched nuclear fuel to produce an atomic bomb this summer

The good news just keeps on coming. [heavy sarcasm]

Obama is Jimmy Peanut on steroids.

Reaganite Republican said...

Yeah, and they did one hell of a team effort on Iran!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I do not see Israel hitting Iran on a first-strike as creating more war but rather making the question of war in the Middle East or the thought of the annihilation of Israel mute.

Arab nations do not fear Israel, they fear Iran for much the same reasons albeit different as Israel does.

Israel and Arabs do not or ever have trusted each other but they share a well founded historical mis-trust in Persia or Persians and that is Iran.

If Israel went ahead with a nuclear first-strike on Iran of course we would hear all the usual condemnation but secretly the Arabs would be rejoicing at this and seriously BACK-OFF ANY AND ALL ROCKET ATTACKS and their daily saber-rattling.

Andrew33 said...

Israel should eliminate Iran's oil production capacity and facilities. That would halt funding for nuclear weapons plus Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. A bonus would be that the huge spike in gas prices would ensure BHO would not be reelected. Iran's oil is being exploited by a few while the population suffers.

Reaganite Republican said...

Oh yeah, I posted once where Bolton said he knew for a fact the Sunni Arab states would welcome it... look at the Saudis and Iranians going at it thru proxies in Bahrain

Flyover Pilgrim said...

I have to admit, I was surprised that the Israeli's did not take out Iran's leadership in the time between Obama's (SBUH)election and his inauguration.

Matt said...

The situation is getting more dire all the time, and Israel is running out of options.

This is going to get ugly.

Reaganite Republican said...

Hiroshima ugly

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Knowing all of this, Netanyahu sat in the White House press conference with Obama, and said there will never again be a Holocaust against Israelis. He was clear about it. What is terrifying to me, is not the deaths of innocents in Iran (although such is chilling and terrible - but people do die so that others might live) - but the fact that we can never, ever count on Barack Obama to stand behind Israel.

Excellent article James." Hiroshima ugly" is right - some must die so that others may live.

John Carey said...

I agree with Matt. The more the world turns a blind eye to this regime the closer we get to a nuclear event.

Reaganite Republican said...

Good thing previous, less-radical presidents armed them to the teeth

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