13 June 2011

What About Rick Perry for President?

Yeah- I know he used to be a Dem, endorsed Giuliani in' 08, and has some political baggage... who doesn't? 

All I want this time is a real budget cutter who WILL repeal ObamaCare... protect our borders... and reverse Obama's deeply misguided agenda in the Middle East.  

Based on that, Rick Perry is one of the few who make my short-list. Now that it appears Newt's team bolted to prepare for a Perry 2012 run, and jobs are foremost on most people's minds, let's have a look then...

  • Rick Perry has never lost an election
  • Perry is the longest-serving governor in Texas history at 10+ years now, and longest-serving in the US today
  • He just proposed a state budget cutting $15B over the next two years... love it
  • Texas has created half the new jobs in the US since the '07 crash
  • Texas leads the nation in job creation over Perry's 10 yrs in office
  • Perry is staunchly anti-tax... while pro-gun, pro-life, and pro-death penalty

John Fund at the WSJ warns do not underestimate Perry... who knows how to "play the base of the Republican Party like a finely-tuned instrument". And the Gov Perry is already scheduled to replace Trump as featured speaker at a June 14th meeting of NYC Republicans, in-addition to three other out-of-state appearances.

So form your own opinion... and pls share it below.  

Myself,  I'm enjoying watching a Republican who can talk to Obama's favorite race-based political conquest, Catholic - Hispanics... as he did yesterday in LA when he laid hard into Obama for murderous abortion policies

Nice to see somebody on our side who knows what he's doing out there on the stump. 

Note: Perry was greeted warmly -a Republican in LA!- and left to a standing ovation... how bout that.