02 July 2011

Gipper's Greatest Hits: Ronald Reagan Independence Day Speech - 1986

Ronald Reagan Independence Day Speech


pamibe said...

I sure do miss this man.

Pat Austin said...


Word said...

Remember the words from the editor of the Progressive Magazine last year about the 4th of July::

It’s July 4th, my least favorite holiday.

And I’m not referring to the bugs, or the crowds, or the traffic on the highways.

I’m talking about the mindless patriotic bubble bath we’re all supposed to soak in all weekend long.

Well, not me.

My heart does not beat faster at the strains of the Star Spangled Banner, much less at the sight of F-16s flying overhead to kick off the show.

You see, I don’t believe in patriotism.

America is not special and we will teach them they are not in schools run by PROGRESSIVE UNIONS>…………so you see……As Sowell says above the 4th of July was a shot heard round the world and the progressives have been putting ear muffs on our children for a century now.

and that is my word of the day.

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