14 July 2011

Puerile Punk of a President Threatens, Sulks... then Takes His Ball and Goes Home (video: Obama storms out!)

Rep Allen West (R-Fla): "Real leaders don't make threats"

In increasingly acrimonious budget talks, President Obama is still attempting to play hardball with the GOP's large congressional majority while proposing smoke-and-mirrors deferred "cuts" that bite far after the 2012 election cycle has run its course. But even this illusion of restraint is only being offered so as to ensure that he gets his money-grubbing paws on as much of your grandkids' dinero as possible, pronto- and everybody and his dog knows it.

After hectoring, demagoguery, and threats didn't impress anybody over the last four days, Obama slipped into a childish funk last night, with Eric Cantor describing to reporters afterwards how he flipped his lid and stormed out of the room. Naturally, Dems present at the time are spinning the Messiah's latest in a series of tantrums as "passion" (lol), but the unbiased observer will recall previous episodes of hissy fits and diplomatic ham-handedness when any mere mortal dare tell him "no", i.e. Benjamin Netanyahu.

Rep Cantor was promoting the idea of incremental debt ceiling adjustments at the time -in contrast to Obama's preferred 'grand deal' that would take him through the campaign- when it appears that he (unforgivably) brushed the Grand Poobah the wrong way, the result being a wee-wee'd up Obama. The Bolshevik Boy Wonder subsequently attempted to dress-down Mr Cantor with "Don't call my bluff, Eric." and the even more outlandish "Reagan wouldn't sit through this!". 

But Barack Obama never did learn not to pick fights he can't win, be it "stupid" cops, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, or what-have-you: this is what happens when you hide from reality and don't learn from prior mistakes, as is so typical of narcissist-megalomaniacs surrounded by yes-men lackeys.

Yep, NOW is the time for the infantile, anti-American Obama to realize that his class-warfare-driven looting of the US Treasury is over... effective immediately, and now means now. As for the anti-American bit... the feeling's mutual, you crazy nut.

TEA-Pary conservative Allen West was predictably underwhlemed by the President's acts of desperation and churlish behavior... he knows a real leader when he sees one, and what we're looking-at in the Oval Office these days is surely nothing of the sort:

The fact that Hopenchange is dead as Lincoln seems to have hit the Establishment Left hard, and they are absolutely freaking out as it becomes undeniably obvious that the Obama agenda has failed: today in the United States of America, we simply cannot afford any spendthrift socio-enviro-engineering, crony capitalism/vote-buying Porkulus-type scams, and all the rest of the so-called 'progressives' fiscal lunacy- that means incremental spending in-addition to all the stuff they just rammed through pre-shellacking, too

Alas, if Obama stubbornly refuses to acknowledge his own political weakness and reckless mismanagement of the US economy -and thus the few difficult options remaining- the bond market will undoubtedly drive the message home soon enough... 

OK, here's unhinged, neo-Calvinist Obama in action-
(looks like Cantor's right!)

-Conservative Perspective-

Update: latest Gallup poll has Obama tanking in a big way -here-