01 August 2011

The Debt Deal, Simplified:


Others of the New Media Right 
weigh-in on the congressional debt deal:

Lonely Conservative: not a done deal

Smitty @ Other McCain: STFU Krugman

Left Coast Rebel: so the hobbits win?

Update: Right Klik


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Compromise has always meant something different in Washington.

Reaganite Republican said...

yeah, "bend over" lol

Matt said...

For the Democrats, "compromise" means capitulation.

RightKlik said...

thanks for the linkage!

Linked back

Reaganite Republican said...

My pleasure RK

Anonymous said...

To further elaborate on this cartoon.

You sir are rich...therefor this gentleman wants to take only 40 percent of what you have on you.


I am not rich...therefor this gentleman is going to give me some of what he took and keep the rest.

"I think they call that aiding and abetting but not sure"

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