31 August 2011

The Glory and Might of American Air Power

California Capital Airshow coming up Sept. 11th-12th... 

Some highlights from last year's event:
California Capital Airshow
There are only seven Lockheed P-38 Lightning aircraft now remain in flying condition out of over 10,000 produced... but five of them made this show.

This gentleman is Col Bill Harris, now 95 years old.  He came to the event in a wheelchair and had a hard time making the few steps to the plane.

But this P-38 was painted to replicate the one Col Harris flew in WWII; you see, Bill Harris is a genuine WWII ace, having scored 15 confirmed aerial kills of Imperial Japanese aircraft. And that's not all: he also flew on the mission that took-out Japanese Adm. Yamamoto... get a look at what a hero looks like, folks.

F-22 Raptor was there under heavy security- you no touch.

The plane is quite sinister looking in it's titanium grey.  Interesting it is that F-18's the Navy Blue Angels fly have a full 35,000 lbs of jet thrust... yet the F-22 has double that.

The maneuverability is unreal, with that power it can hover like a Harrier, stop, and turn 180-degrees in mid-flight.... a wonder to witness if you ever get the chance.

It is said that in future combat there will be two kinds of planes: F-22 Raptors and their targets... besides all the missiles and such, the canon shoots 6000 rounds per minute.

All the P-38s lined up nice...

Looks like a jet nacelle, but actually intake serving the turbo and 
radiators for one of the P-38's two 1400 hp Allison V-12 engines.

Nice Mustang...

Another 'stang, this one polished to perfection

Danish F-35 Joint Strike Fighter made an appearance

B-25 Mitchell bomber as flown by Doolittle's Raiders.

California Capital Airshow   Wikipedia  pics/info via Roberto~


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We used to have a great air show here that I miss. Are you that close oh cunning one?

Those Raptors sure can come in nice and easy.

Amusing Bunni said...

Those planes are so beautiful. I like the one named after me....hee hee!
It would be really great to see that show. The ones out here are too full of riff raff to go to the beach and watch., plus they don't have cool planes like these.

Reaganite Republican said...

I thought you might head over Odie, that's one's close, no? And I am not close sir, used to be tho

And Bun, DO NOT go outdoors in your town! I have seen enough lately... I suggest tunneling extensively lol

Anonymous said...

This is the guy that said "The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government, and I'm here to help"
Tell that to the survivors of Irene in New England.
What a BS'er Reagan was and the shame of it is you all bought his line of untruths.

Spunky Texan said...

Actually your neighbors and friends could have helped you as much as the government durring that strong tropical storm, anon.

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