20 August 2011

Perusing the Righty Blogosphere . . .

Best of the New Media Right this week:

Maggie's Notebook: Obama Plan: Take Family Farmer Land: How and Where They Will Do It -here-

Moonbattery: A Little Something to Make Moonbats’ Heads Explode -here-

The Other McCain: Stacy posts 'Obama’s Basic Problem- They Don’t Teach Economics at Harvard Law School' -here-

Then blogging parter Smitty examines 'The Uninformed Rick Perry' -here-

Proof Positive: Has Obama Taken Less "Vacations" Than Bush? -here-

The Lonely Conservative: Conservative Women Featured as 'Baby Palins' in Elle Magazine -here-

Hope n' Change

And So It Goes in Shreveport: Obama's Vacation Reading List -here-

Caught him with a Corndog: 'Raise the Roof' -here-

Troglopundit: Not to wish ill on anybody, but please tell me this guy’s going to be fired -here-

Adrienne's Corner: Michelle Obama - First Lady of Fabulous?... -here-

American Power: Terror Attacks Near Eilat Mark New Phase in Arab-Israeli conflict -here-

Left Coast Rebel: Some Questions for Warren Buffet -here-

Hope n' Change

Randy's Roundtable: Recovery Summer (version 3.0-here-

Don't Tread on Us: Do You Want More War? -here-

Doug Ross @ Journal: A Lawless Administration Halts Deportation of Illegal Aliens -here-

RightKlik: Obamageddon: The Left Reacts -here-

Teresamerica: Rick Santorum: "This is the little engine that could..." -here-

Conservative Hideout 2.0: CBS Selling Barak Obama Merchandise in their On-Line Store -here-

Conservative Perspective: Nero in the White House -here-

Woodsterman: Politically Incorrect (as always) -here-

Sentry Journal: Did the Union Goons Really Mean it When they Said “Open Season?” Non-union Business Owner Shot -here-

The Camp of the Saints: Mitt Romney Shoots…He Scores

Government Mess: Tea Party Confronts Obama on Biden’s ‘Tea Party Terrorist’ Smear -here-

American Patriots/DoP: Looks like Blacks are Turning on "B"

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