20 August 2011

Perusing the Righty Blogosphere . . .

Best of the New Media Right this week:

Maggie's Notebook: Obama Plan: Take Family Farmer Land: How and Where They Will Do It -here-

Moonbattery: A Little Something to Make Moonbats’ Heads Explode -here-

The Other McCain: Stacy posts 'Obama’s Basic Problem- They Don’t Teach Economics at Harvard Law School' -here-

Then blogging parter Smitty examines 'The Uninformed Rick Perry' -here-

Proof Positive: Has Obama Taken Less "Vacations" Than Bush? -here-

The Lonely Conservative: Conservative Women Featured as 'Baby Palins' in Elle Magazine -here-

Hope n' Change

And So It Goes in Shreveport: Obama's Vacation Reading List -here-

Caught him with a Corndog: 'Raise the Roof' -here-

Troglopundit: Not to wish ill on anybody, but please tell me this guy’s going to be fired -here-

Adrienne's Corner: Michelle Obama - First Lady of Fabulous?... -here-

American Power: Terror Attacks Near Eilat Mark New Phase in Arab-Israeli conflict -here-

Left Coast Rebel: Some Questions for Warren Buffet -here-

Hope n' Change

Randy's Roundtable: Recovery Summer (version 3.0-here-

Don't Tread on Us: Do You Want More War? -here-

Doug Ross @ Journal: A Lawless Administration Halts Deportation of Illegal Aliens -here-

RightKlik: Obamageddon: The Left Reacts -here-

Teresamerica: Rick Santorum: "This is the little engine that could..." -here-

Conservative Hideout 2.0: CBS Selling Barak Obama Merchandise in their On-Line Store -here-

Conservative Perspective: Nero in the White House -here-

Woodsterman: Politically Incorrect (as always) -here-

Sentry Journal: Did the Union Goons Really Mean it When they Said “Open Season?” Non-union Business Owner Shot -here-

The Camp of the Saints: Mitt Romney Shoots…He Scores

Government Mess: Tea Party Confronts Obama on Biden’s ‘Tea Party Terrorist’ Smear -here-

American Patriots/DoP: Looks like Blacks are Turning on "B"

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thanks RR you get it ... "as always".

Randy-g said...

Many thanks for the linkage RR!

John Carey said...

Thanks for the Link RR. The bus in the image of Darth Vader is perfect!

Red said...

Thanks for giving this stale Corndog a nod :-)

Reaganite Republican said...

The pleasure's mine- have a great weekend, all

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Thanks for link my friend and enjoy your weekend.

Proof said...

I like Obama's reflection in the bus. That guy looks smarter. Any idea how we could trade for him?

Reaganite Republican said...

Contact the parallel universe?

I'm sure you're joking anyway, he looks drunk lol

1389 said...

That Darth Vader mask on the Obozo Bus is great!

Also see:

Yes We Can Ride the Bus to Mordor

Anonymous said...

Thank you, RR. A great list here.

Teresa said...

Thanks so much for the linkage, RR.

Reaganite Republican said...

No prob you guys

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