28 October 2011

'Miss Russia 2011' Natalia Gantimurova

What a great place to initiate some recon... 
the Ruskies' most vital and abundant resource:

Miss Russia 2011
And this one's a potential threat to US security interests all by her sexy little self, boys- Miss Russia 2011 Natalia Gantimurova is studying advanced English in Moscow and already earned a college degree in 'International Relations'- wonder what she's planning to do with all that.

Good thing then we've got such an emotionally-detached metrosexual/eunuch of a president these days, if Bubba was still in office he'd fork over anything this one asked for in five minutes (best keep Hillary and her 'reset button' away too, Natalia makes current squeeze Huma look like a boy lol)...

RIA Novosti

RIA Novosti




Get a load of the background music on this tribute, 
some schmaltzy chorus covering Lou Reed, yikes...
Natalia looking fine, tho!