07 November 2011

Gingrich Pledges Seven Lincoln-Douglas Style Debates with Obama if Nominated

'Three hours each... with a time-keeper... and no moderator.'

Newt Gingrich spoke Friday at the Iowa GOP's 'Reagan Dinner'...

"On the first day of a Gingrich Administration, I would issue a series of Exectutive Orders... the very first of which would 
abolish all the White House czars'

"I would fire (Bernanke) tomorrow... 
and the Fed should be audited"

"What we're faced with is the results of a radical ideology,
and an inexperienced, incompetent president..."

"I will outline a 21st-Century 'Contract with America'... 
and it's going to be far bolder, far deeper, and far more profound than we did in 1994... or than I helped Jack Kemp and 
Ronald Reagan do in 1980."

"I think it is fundamentally wrong to give people money for 
99 weeks for doing nothing..."

"I predict he will accept (the debates)... firstly as a matter of ego"

"I am a professor, and I did study history.  
And unlike Obama, I studied American history."



innominatus said...

I read also that Gingrich said "If I am the nominee, President Obama's campaign route will be my campaign route. Everywhere he goes, I'll be there 4 hours later to rebut what he has said."

I'm not yet on board with Gingrich. But I'm getting closer...

pamibe said...

I really enjoyed the sit down he did with Cain. I'm closer to Gingrich as well...

Reaganite Republican said...

I am warming to him for defense reasons, the others don't cut it for me on this hot button issue.

And he said that in the video above too Inno, re. the shadowing Obama... just as Lincoln did it in 1858.

Greg said...

I would love to see these debates even if Newt is not the nominee. Obama would never agree to this format. His ego would not demand it but prohibit it. He knows he will get crushed.

Reaganite Republican said...

But Newt said he'll let him bring TOTUS, 2 funny

innominatus said...

Sorry. Too many devices here at work fighting for bandwidth so I didn't watch the vid yet.

Reaganite Republican said...

Well, it's about to get interesting, anyway... that's what the polls say

republicanmother said...

Gingrich is a globalist. You may as well reelect Obama 'cause they're working for the same people.


shepherded NAFTA and GATT through which was the beginning of the end of American manufacturing.

voted on legislation that transferred a whole bunch of private property out west into federal hands. The Feds are the largest holders of land in the Western states, owning over half of many of the states out there. Agenda 21 anyone???

He got together 50 members of the House together to endorse Ron Paul's opponent when he was about to run for the House again. What was Newt so afraid of he'd organize something like that?

Dr. Larry McDonald said that Newt was a man not to be trusted, how ironic that Newt took his seat in Congress after he was shot down over the Sea of Japan on KAL007.

Newt supported the UN's educational program, Goals 2000. You'll never hear him say he'll abolish the Dept of Ed.(a long-time commie objective see William Z Foster's 1932 book, Toward Soviet America, where he calls for a Dept of Ed)

I could go on, but his guy is what he is, and no amount of dressing up a playing a conservative is going to fool me.

Reaganite Republican said...

Cain doesn't cut it on defense for me and I HATE Romney.

I love Bachmann but she tanked.

I don't like Gingrich's personal baggage, the Scozzafava debacle, the canoodling with Pelosi and Sharpton

But he might be the guy who will handle Iran, slash the budget, control immigration, and put the economy back on it's feet... and that's what I'm looking for.

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