23 November 2011

My Thoughts re. November 22, 2011 Republican National Security Debate

Tuesday night's National Security Debate was held at 
historic Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C.

Newt Gingrich made the big splash, unfortunately for him to the negative as he was smacked-around a bit by the other candidates for sounding soft on amnesty for illegal immigrants...

I myself am convinced the Obammunist media want Romney to run, and are afraid Obama would be shredded in the debates if facing Gingrich. Therefore expect that they will be trumpeting this narrative throughout the day today to make sure it's Obama vs ObamaLite, as serves their purposes best in 2012.

But while I would have preferred to hear something different from Gingrich -and agree with Bachmann's critique- in all fairness Newt did say no path to citizenship, while he would only allow those to stay on a 'red card' who have put down roots paid taxes and had jobs over a period of decades. I ask Cain supporters how different this is from his position, really.

Even Romney sounded better on the amnesty issue than Newt this time, but I will say that the former House Speaker has a point that this country will never garner the political will to deport 25M people... although I don't need to told I'm not "humane" if I don't like them staying, Newt.

On key defense issues they were there to discuss, Gringrich earns 100% rating with me last night.

But what about what Trump said earlier this year: no need to wait for a wall, militarize the border (we're being invaded, duh!) and the immigration AND drug trade would stop overnight- makes sense to me, I wish somebody else would pick up that ball and run with it.

Early in the debate, Bachmann succeeded in making Rick Perry look stupid(er), this time on Pakistan- her experience on the House Intelligence Committee had him back on his heels and leaning towards simplistic populism. Must admit I'm shocked at the how weak a candidate this guy turned out to be.

Most of what he says is right, but once he lost his white hat aura I don't think he's coming back no matter what he says or does... not at the top. Current polls indicate to me that he'll quit after Iowa or New Hampshire, and that's what I'd expect now... unless he really pulls something out of that big ole hat.

As for Michele Bachmann, she acquitted herself well. It is indeed her platform I prefer above all others... simply put, this woman is a brave and principled conservative. Bachmann positions on Iran and China last night superb last night, imo.

Not sure what she has to do to revive her moribund campaign, but I found it amusing that Dick Morris envisions a not totally unlikely scenario in which Michele could come roaring back... stay tuned!

Why do they let John Huntsman talk so much- there's no reason I need to hear any more from this guy than I already have.

Rick Santorum is slightly more relevant...  but his chance of winning the nomination approximates the odds of the moon landing in my yard tonight.

Mitt Romney really is sounding close to my defense positions these days- too bad I can't stand him and don't trust him an inch. 

Besides security issues , like most GOPers I consider spending cuts imperative, with repeal of ObamaCare key to everything in a way.  Since Mittens never once said RomneyCare was a mistake/failed experiment (and considering that he's an unprincipled chameleon with zero core beliefs) I sure don't see any reason to believe his pledges to repeal ObamaCare- there's a distinct lack of zeal... I'm not convinced he even wants to do it.

Herman Cain for the most part made sense, but of course it seems like he's been cramming- which I'm sure he has. But I get the distinct impression that Mr Cain is not really that interested in foreign policy and/or wishes to avoid being pinned down on issues he's ill-suited to address at this time. 

And thus is the problem with this otherwise fine TEA Party candidate, we need for a sharp international strategic mind in such trying times, and on a shrinking budget. I see John Bolton advising Rick Perry now, so maybe that highly beneficial opportunity has already been lost for Mr Cain.

Ron Paul's fake eyebrows looked even stranger this time- something I hadn't considered possible. His argument that our justice system (sans Patriot Act) "handled Timothy McVeigh OK" (after he blew up a building full of people!) saw him savaged by the others, and is precisely the reason I would never feel safe with Ron Paul as Commander-in-Chief. 

I did like what he said re. security's dependence on the health of our economy. As right as he is on many fiscal and constitutional matters, he's completely wrong on a few things that mean a lot to me. His voice adds a new dimension to the debate to be sure, but at this point crossing over into more of a distraction for the GOP, and often simply wasting time on his pet, fringe issues.

CNN debate moderator Wolf Blitzer was a boring drone, and the technical staff -who seem to have trouble operating microphones- are unprofessional at best. Once again I'm reminded why it is I never watch this crap network.

Why do we Republicans have to put up with such amateurish debate management... just for the privilege of dealing with disingenuous, biased liberal hacks as 'moderators'-? Somebody in the GOP needs to get off their fat duff and see to it that future debates -if not serving the Republican Party's interests like they should- are at least fair and free of the appalling manipulation we've seen this cycle.

Meanwhile, Trump is threatening to make a move again -here-