19 November 2011

Recommended Saturday Family Reading~

Maggie's Notebook says next up on Nancy Pelosi's wacked-out wish list is federal child care services -here-

The Lonely Conservative reports that unions are now scheming to 'Occupy Congress' in order to push for Porkulus II 

Adrienne's Corner: Rand Paul video clip re- government's 'busy body' nature...-here-

The Other McCain: Stacy is shocked to hear that Doug Hoffman forgave Newt Gingrich -here-

Partner Smitty then questions Dingy Harry's manhood, and to humorous effect -here- 

American Power: reports that American 'exceptionalism' is an issue that might play well for Republicans next year -here-

The Anti-Anti-Underground

Moonbattery: the title says it all: 'Battle of the Transexual Hollyweirdos' -here-

Gateway Pundit: Obama-endorsed goons harassing Newt Gingrich at Harvard -here-

TrogloPundit fills us in on the latest developments in meat alloy technology -here-

Michelle Malkin has a gem entitled 'The Accountability Charade' -here-

The Powers that Be (Doug Powers) says the White House isn't digging on that new Obama/Chavez Benetton ad (lol) -here-

And So It Goes in Shreveport on 'Vetting Newt' -here-


Right Klik: 'Gingrich and Cain Go Way Back' -here-

Don't Tread on Us: The Hyphenated American is listening to Air America for cheap amusement -here-

Pamibe has 'Q and A' on the state of the GOP presidential field -here-

Proof Positive has Gingrich and Mittens running neck-and-neck now in New Hampshire -here-

The Camp of the Saints: 'Romney Delenda Est!' -here-

TLS via Moonbattery

Caught Him With a Corndog sez 'Not Another Election Post!' 

Pundit Press: 'OWS: If a Cop Tries to Arrest You, Kill Him' 

Jammie Wearing Fool: the Dems are starting to see their allies in the OWS mob as a liability -here-

Weasel Zippers: 'Coburn Blasts Occupy Wall Steet' -here-

Conservative Hideout 2.0: 'Occupy Portland Shenanigans: Children as Human Shields, Urinating on Banks, and the First Breadstick War' -here-