19 November 2011

Recommended Saturday Family Reading~

Maggie's Notebook says next up on Nancy Pelosi's wacked-out wish list is federal child care services -here-

The Lonely Conservative reports that unions are now scheming to 'Occupy Congress' in order to push for Porkulus II 

Adrienne's Corner: Rand Paul video clip re- government's 'busy body' nature...-here-

The Other McCain: Stacy is shocked to hear that Doug Hoffman forgave Newt Gingrich -here-

Partner Smitty then questions Dingy Harry's manhood, and to humorous effect -here- 

American Power: reports that American 'exceptionalism' is an issue that might play well for Republicans next year -here-

The Anti-Anti-Underground

Moonbattery: the title says it all: 'Battle of the Transexual Hollyweirdos' -here-

Gateway Pundit: Obama-endorsed goons harassing Newt Gingrich at Harvard -here-

TrogloPundit fills us in on the latest developments in meat alloy technology -here-

Michelle Malkin has a gem entitled 'The Accountability Charade' -here-

The Powers that Be (Doug Powers) says the White House isn't digging on that new Obama/Chavez Benetton ad (lol) -here-

And So It Goes in Shreveport on 'Vetting Newt' -here-


Right Klik: 'Gingrich and Cain Go Way Back' -here-

Don't Tread on Us: The Hyphenated American is listening to Air America for cheap amusement -here-

Pamibe has 'Q and A' on the state of the GOP presidential field -here-

Proof Positive has Gingrich and Mittens running neck-and-neck now in New Hampshire -here-

The Camp of the Saints: 'Romney Delenda Est!' -here-

TLS via Moonbattery

Caught Him With a Corndog sez 'Not Another Election Post!' 

Pundit Press: 'OWS: If a Cop Tries to Arrest You, Kill Him' 

Jammie Wearing Fool: the Dems are starting to see their allies in the OWS mob as a liability -here-

Weasel Zippers: 'Coburn Blasts Occupy Wall Steet' -here-

Conservative Hideout 2.0: 'Occupy Portland Shenanigans: Children as Human Shields, Urinating on Banks, and the First Breadstick War' -here-



Aurelius said...

Thanks for the link!

pamibe said...

Wow, thanks so much RR!!

Reaganite Republican said...

The pleasure is mine x2

Matt said...

Thanks for the linkage sir!

Adrienne said...

You're the best! Really...

Reaganite Republican said...

You got it Matt

And thanks Adrienne- U sure been good 2 me

Proof said...

Saturday and SUnday! Lots of good stuff here! Thanks!

Bob Belvedere said...

What Proof wrote!

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