15 November 2011

Three Openly Gay Men at Rev Wright's Chicago Church KILLED the Very Month Obama's Ascent to the Nomination Began?

The lurid tales have been circulating for three years now, ever since Hillary Clinton's people began hearing whispers from the Chicago street re. Barack Obama's warehouse full of scary skeletons. Meanwhile, a thoroughly compromised leftist media were happy to ignore the Democratic rising star's secret past-- up to and including possible crimes committed in order to bury it all.

But besides deep involvement with terrorists and slimy mafiosos, Hillary 2008 staffers repeatedly heard talk that Barack Obama was well-known in the city's alternative lifestyle circles to be a closeted homosexual, married (otherwise inexplicably) to a charmless tree of a woman as a political/social front. 

Far fetched? If you know anything about the harsh contempt most black Americans feel towards the gay community, you'll see this scenario as more likely than not- that is, if you genuinely consider the (circumstantial) evidence that's been accumulating.

Of course, being gay is not a crime in itself... it's when you start snuffing out people who know too much about your secret sex life, that's where we run into problems...

Last year if you'll recall, the mother of Jeremiah Wright's 
(dead, gay) choir director went public with her belief that son Donald Young was murdered on the eve of Democratic primary season to cover up a past sexual relationship with Obama.

Although the MSM have still yet to note the vast plume of smoke emanating from Chicago's gay bathhouse circuit, thinking people know there must have been some serious flaming going-on somewhere. Alas, when this fraudulent scam of a president is at long last exposed for who and what he really is... it's going to make the Great Chicago Fire look a weenie roast.
The ... murder of Donald Young, a 47-year-old choir master at former Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ—the same congregation that Obama has attended for the past 20 years. 

Two other young black men that attended the same church—Larry Bland and Nate Spencer—were also murdered execution style with bullets to the backs of their heads—all within 40 days of each other, beginning in November 2007. All three were openly homosexual.

What links this story to Barack Obama is that, according to an acquaintance of Obama, Larry Sinclair, Obama is a closet bisexual with whom he had sexual and drug-related encounters in November 1999.

Further, Sinclair claims that Obama was friendly with at least two of these deceased parishioners, and that choir director Donald had contacted him shortly before being murdered from multiple gunshot wounds on December 23, 2007.

Stop dancing for a minute while while I check something...

....According to Sinclair in an affidavit to the Chicago Police Department, Donald Young had informed him that he and Barack Obama were “intimate” with each other. 

Sinclair, it should be noted, declared on a January 18, 2008, YouTube video that on two separate occasions in November 1999, he engaged in sexual acts with Obama, and that Obama smoked crack cocaine—once in a limousine and the other time at a hotel in Gurnee, Ill.

Larry Sinclair has also asked: why would Young—whom he had never met—initiate these calls by contacting him on cell phone numbers known only in the Obama camp? 

Further, a private investigator connected to the Chicago Police Department told the Globe, “Donald Young was silenced because of something he knew about Obama. Donald was in a position where he heard a lot of things and saw a lot of things concerning Barack.”
Are three murders within the span of 40 days among members of America’s most discussed church—one run by the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright—enough to arouse the suspicions of Chicago law enforcement officials and members of the national media?

And plenty more smoke where that came from...
  • Such orchestrated, hollow marriages-of-convenience like the Obamas' appear to have been a specialty at the morally and financially dubious Trinity United Church of Christ... where Rev. Jeremiah Wright oversaw the coupling of 'down-low' (closeted) gay black men with embittered, hard-to-match black women.  You know the type: Oprah Winfrey and her longtime “boyfriend” Stedman Graham were for many years also members of this same church, fwiw. 
  • Barack Obama (and running-naked-in-the-congressional-showers 'Sugar Daddy' Rahm Emanuel) were/are lifetime members of the openly gay Chicago mens' club Man's Country: a 'one-stop shopping' center for gay men with 'fantasy rooms', male strippers, bedrooms, movies, etc.
  • Obama -who in Chicago is said to have 'a thing' for young Pakistani men- created mysterious position for (bisexual) actor Kal Penn at the White House, and for which Penn left a successful TV show... only for him to storm back to Hollywood after a few months, once he found out how the job sucked (sorry lol).

  • Talk around Chicago's Boystown gay community also mentioned that Obama like to be serviced by 'older, white men'... but was 'not reciprocal' in these relationships (Barry's got issues).
  • The Vera Baker/Obama affair rumor is said to have been planted by White House operatives (Axelrod) as a 'macho' smokescreen story for the Tinkerbelle-in-Chief. That's why it was never refuted by anyone on Team Obama, instead allowed to slowly percolate in the public conscious, then quietly fade away-

Hey, isn't Richard Simmons from ChiTown...? 

Put his butt on the stand, I'll bet that little yenta 
knows everything... maybe even first-hand lol.

And where the hell are Barack Obama's former girlfriends?  
NOT ONE out there that would like to put all this 
slanderous unpleasantness to rest...?

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