21 November 2011

A Tuckered Tingles Turns!

Matthews on Team Plouffe
"Little kids with propellers on their heads"

Throbbing Thigh of the Nation goes numb at last...

Seems the Mother of All Obama Enablers has now turned on Dear Leader... and he really sounds quite bitter about it. Narcissists use people, Chrissy- duh! That leaves you just another 'usee' who's political value to this vile regime has long been depleted. 

So welcome to the wholly unimpressed, you hack: 
that non-affiliated group of sound thinking individuals I joined the first time I ever heard Obama open that lying trap of his.

Or did MSNBC's new (non-Obammunist) ownership simply come in and smack some sense into you?

"There's no moon program... there's 
nothing to root for

what are we trying to do in this administration?"

"Why does he want a second term- will he tell us? What's he going to do in his second term- more of this
Is this it?  Is this as good as it gets...?"

"Were are we going... are we going to do something in a 
second term?"

"He never tells us what he's going to do... "

"...I think it's the people around him, too many people around him -little kids with propellers on their heads- they're all virtual.... their idea of running a campaign is a virtual universe, of sending emails around to people..."

"Politics... it's forging alliances... It's WH meetings and dinner parties that go on 'til midnight, and he should be sitting late at night now -with senators and members of congress and governors-  working together on how their going to win this political fight that's coming... I don't have the sense he's 
ever had a meeting."

"I hear stories you wouldn't believe. I ask members of congress 'When's the last time you heard from (Obama).... -silence-.  

He doesn't like their company"

Those wild White House Insider reports gain a 
little more credibility every day, don't they...

Rasmussen Reports   Breitbart   Ulsterman Report


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Did Tingles finally realize who Obama and his advisors are?

Reaganite Republican said...

I dunno- but I'll say this, his critique makes plenty of sense no matter which side you're on... I was kind of surprised

Libertarian Advocate said...

Guy rather looks like he's been off his meds for better than 72 hours.

NURSE Ratched, there's an Emergency at MSDNC's Studios!

Red said...

"The Wholly Unimpressed". That sounds like another name for my group of old friends and associates that used to hang out and kvetch over coffee, tea, biscuits and cigarettes on a weeknight. I kinda miss that.

Mark Adams said...

I truly believe Obama doesn't want a second term (and that’s a good thing) He can't run on a record that most American don't agree with. So is this Mathews way of saying that Obama's history and that Mathews can't feel tickerbells tingle anymore? Maybe throwing in the towel?

Reaganite Republican said...

@ LibAd lolol

@Red Those days are over, you're establishment all-the-way now lol

@M.A. I read somewhere Mathews is taking signals from the Clintonite wing of the party... stay tuned!

Mark Adams said...

Yeah, I caught that... Frm Schoen & Caddell.
Regardless if Obama does step aside, AA, Latinos and hardcore lefties will vote for him anyways as a write-in, it will split the ticket, divide the DNC and wreak havoc at the DNC convention. Good luck with that one, libs.

Matt said...

Lol, Tingles is an unstable lunatic, but even he is seeing the fail. Probably because Obugger doesn't have us all in gulags.

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