19 December 2011

Flat-Out Bonkers Obama Rates Himself Fourth Best President EVER in 60 Minutes Interview- CBS Edits It Out!

George Washington doesn't even make the list...

I caught a video clip at Maggie's where Barack Obama’s softball interview with 'journalist' Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes was edited 
-typically- to maximize public support for -or at least acquiescence to- the far-Left 'progressive' cause, regardless of how damaging this misguided and incompetent regime may be, or how delusional Obama may sound as he rambles on about how swell things are in that rapidly-contracting dreamworld of his.
But the amusing bits wiped from this particular on-air segment
-as exposed in the full interview posted online- really do take the cake: Obama actually ranked himself -with a straight face- the fourth best president in our history, right behind LBJ, FDR and Abraham Lincoln- then rather than report this highly newsworthy quote, they cut the ludicrous assertion to prevent this pompous nothing from embarrassing himself any further.

In support of his own towering greatness, Obama went on to purport foreign policy 'accomplishments', having 'saved' the auto industry, et al... right along with all the rest of us.  Loser George Washington didn't even make the cut (yet Lyndon Baines Johnson did!). And naturally no Reagan (he never won a Nobel, did he!)... nor JFK... nor Truman.

Malignant narcissist Barack Obama is one sick pup, that's all I know. But it's beginning to appear that the Little Dutch Boy in that swollen noggin of his has at-long-last pulled finger and bailed... he'll probably be pacing around the Oval Office dressed up like Napoleon before you know it (maybe the Sixty Minutes komrades would find that worth reporting).

The only thing that's certain is it's going to be a long 13 months, folks- just hoping we make it in one piece:

Video: Granny Jan @ Moonbattery