16 December 2011

Got a Twenty in Your Wallet?

This is pretty wild-

You'll need a fresh twenty
(Gipper one won't work!):

1) Fold a new-series $20 bill in half the long way, green-back out:

Twenty dollar bill twin towers

2) Then crease again, precisely as illustrated:

Twenty dollar bill twin towers

3) Fold the other end up to match:

Remind you of anything?

4) Now just turn it over...



Then there's this, same bill:

Nice, huh-

But why the new Twenty...?

9 + 11 = 20... that would be one explanation.

Hey, if you can't see the conspiracy at play...
I'll get Ron Paul in here to back me up,
he probably loves this crap lol

-h/t Kirby-


Anonymous said...

We are officially in Calypso Louie territory.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Ron Paul designed that bill.

Anonymous said...

0bama's name is misspelled.

Reaganite Republican said...


Wrial Huden said...

This is like one of those Mad magazine fold-ins...

Reaganite Republican said...

Always loved those lol

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