15 December 2011

Levin BLASTS Krauthammer, Will, Coulter, and Rubin on Attempts to Destroy Gingrich

Says they remind him of previous 
attacks on Sarah Palin emanating from 
these same useful idiots illuminati... 

Shillin' for Mittens:

The Great One yesterday:

'Well, Good Lord I have never seen an attack on somebody like I'm seeing on Newt Gingrich- it reminds me of Sarah Palin at this point'

'You go read Jennifer Rubin there in the Washington Compost...(lol), she's making a career out slaughtering conservatives- and Newt Gingrich in particular- because she's in Romney's back pocket.  No offense, Jennifer- it's just obvious, you're writing, I'm reading.'

'Look at George Will... I think his bow-tie popped off his neck. The fact is, his wife works for the Perry campaign... it's ethical, I guess- but it doesn't seem that way to me... Way over the top with these attacks, suggesting Gingrich is a Marxist... really! Pretty stupid.'

'And my new friend Charles Krauthammer -I met him over the weekend at a Redskins game- nice guy... I liked him very much.  WAY over the top right now...'

'I believe in being intellectually honest about this...'

'Now, I think a lot of the stuff that's being said about Gingrich is preposterous- it's actually poisonous. -it  really is.  I do not see similar attacks on Romney. Now Romney doesn't have all of the personal baggage that Gingrich does- but Romney's got baggage. Just go on the internet... I can't find that in Jennifer Rubin columns'

'... and I suspect many of these folks would have been backing Gerald Ford in 1976, and appalled that Reagan would dare challenge him.

And in 1980 -like George Will- would have been backing Geo HW Bush and Howard Baker -and not Ronald Reagan in 1979- and that's what George Will did.

Or as late as 1984... with my new friend Charles Krauthammer backing Walter Mondale...

Now they tell us the only guy that can win is Romney- and they're flat out wrong. And I say this as somebody who is not a Newt guy...'

What conservatives need to be asking themselves as primary season dawns is "why are such  widely-read 'conservative' pundits -some of who said just a year ago that Romney was a loser- now on the same sideline as the Obammunist MSM, cheering Mittens on...? And why are they also and attacking his opponents -above all the GOP front-runner- in a concerted, aggressive manner- what's up with that, Dr. K?

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Establishment wonks!

Anonymous said...

Krauthammer said a few years ago that he was open to the 55mph speed limit.

I can't drive 55

RSS Ronald Reagan said...

Solid points from The Great One. Have you looked at my post today on Sen. Scott's "warning" the California Republicans in 1966? http://rssronaldreagan.blogspot.com/2011/12/rear-view-mirror-sen-scott-warns-ca.html

Anonymous said...

Same as gold. If their selling I'm buying,If their buying I,m selling.

Reaganite Republican said...

Well I AM NOT open to the 55 speed limit!!!

I can't tell you all the radar detectors I want thu, had 'em all: Whistler, FuzzBuster, BeL

Still cheaper than the tickets lol

Reaganite Republican said...

Agreed, 'Anon'- reverse indicators of who to vote for to be sure

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