17 December 2011

(Now It's Backlash Time)

Putting Christ back into Christmas... or else!

What a great idea... and beautifully produced and performed by vocalist Carrie Rinderer and the American Christian Life United (ACLU!) Choir...

If you don’ see merry Christmas in the window,
no you don’t go in that store

If you don’t see merry Christmas in the window,
yes you walk right by that door

Oh it’s all about the little baby Jesus
and the day of my Savior’s birth

It’s the one and only reason that we celebrate the season
wishing love to all and; peace upon the earth

If you don’t hear 'Merry Christmas' when they greet you
when you’re walking through store

Simply turn and say
'It’s very nice to meet you'
As you walk right out that door

Words are chosen every year to hide it’s Christmas
the reason for our hol-i-day

They’re not happy what we’re singing
but they want their tills a’ringing

Trying to sell my Christmas every other way
come and stand out from the crowd,
say Merry Christmas and be proud

Christmas isn’t just another holiday
What would be missing, now lets see, if not for Christ’s nativity

No silent night or first noels
No Santa’s sleigh

No jingle bells
No star atop the Christmas tree
No special day for family

No bells that ring for angels wings
No dolls and trains that Santa brings
No drummer boy or Tiny Tim
No Mr. Scrooge, we all know him
No list of those whose been good or bad

Well maybe that won’t be too sad

No candy canes or mistletoe
No Christmas lights out in the snow
No stockings hung with so much care
hoping Santa finds them there

And one more thing there wouldn’t be
no partridge in a rum pum pum pum

If you don’t believe the reasons for my Christmas
then it’s sure okay with me

Please don’t tell me what to say, or what music I can play
after all my Christmas is my special day

Come and stand out from the crowd,
say 'Merry Christmas' and be proud
Christmas isn’t just another holiday

SayMerryChristmas.net   h/t Kirby