22 December 2011

NO, You SHOULDN'T Give Your Teen Son a Freaking Mustang GT for Christmas!

OK, he was 24...  and it happened in Switzerland. But it seems that this Mustang GT 5.0 owner -like many others- had a little bit of trouble getting used to the car's 6-speed stick and it's troublesome reverse-gear 'safety' lockout feature: add to that a few hundred horsepower and no parking garage can contain her.

A miracle nobody got hurt, with a car falling out of the sky in a Swiss town center like that- just a bruised young ego, totalled 'stang, and a whole bunch of mooshed-up bikes down dere.

Chalk-up another one for hyperlegislative government and blood-sucking trail attorneys protecting us from ourselves and the big, mean auto companies... yet no matter how hard they try, still unable to outlaw stupidity.

I like how the top of a motorcycle is imprinted into the rear-end:

Gotta admit tho, 2012 Mustang looking good...