25 December 2011

Reaganite's CHRISTMAS Sunday Funnies (and Rock n Roll Christmas Carols)

Lisa Benson @ TownHall

'Xmas Card of the Year' 

Robert Ariail @ TownHall







h/t Speedunque


Bob Gorrell @ TownHall

My top three rock n roll Christmas carols of all time...

Chuck Berry: Run Rudolph Run (1958)

The Beach Boys: Little Saint Nick (1963)

Billy Squire: Christmas is the Time 
                             to Say 'I Love You' (1981)

Merry Christmas, America


Always On Watch said...

Merry Christmas, Reaganite Republican!

May the GOP win an overwhelming victory in 2012!

pryorguy said...

You have a very nice page here, I like cartoons and you display a good assortment, I'll drop in now n then, my friend..

Adrienne said...

Hope your day is going wonderfully well. Merry Christmas to you and the beautiful Mrs. RR.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Merry Christmas RR ... These are GREAT!

Reaganite Republican said...

Right on Always, same to you and yours

Welcome back Adrienne!!! I hope you have a happy and blessed day as well

And thanks for the kind words, Odie- yer good people

Reaganite Republican said...

Welcome, pryorguy

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

RR, hoping you had a wonderful Christmas. As I told Karen, I'm looking forward to kicking butt with you this coming year:-)

Red said...

Merry Christmas my awesome conservative crusader! Soldier on! ;-) Here's to an Obungler-free 2012. Let's see if the Mayans were right, lol.

Reaganite Republican said...

Thank you kindly Maggie and Red... all the same to you as well.

I feel very upbeat about 2012 in every way- it IS going to be a fun fight

Can't wait

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