12 December 2011

Russian Billionaire (and NJ Nets Owner) Mikhail Prokhorov Now to Challenge Putin

If he's not wearing a Kevlar suit and riding in the back of an 
APC... Mr. Prokhorov may be well-advised to campaign for 
next March's Russian presidential election from the States... 
or a bunker (or both)

Riding a fortune started in the metals industry, 
Mikhail Prokhorov is one of Russia's richest men...

With the largest Russian political protests in years rattling the Kremlin and activists humiliating current president/
Putin lickspittle Dmitri Medvedev online, now a young (46) Russian billionaire
 says he will challenge Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in next March's presidential election.
Saturday's huge demonstration -the largest since the early 90s- called for fresh parliamentary polls over alleged voting fraud- and even Gorbavchev said they should throw-out the results of an obviously tainted vote count.

Putin's United Russia barely scraped a majority in the elections held earlier this month... and most assume they never would have got even that without widespread ballet stuffing and voter intimidation.

The NJ Nets owner said earlier today "I have made the most serious decision of my life. I am running for president," Mr Prokhorov said at a news conference that -perhaps wisely- he will  not build his presidential campaign on criticism of Mr Putin.- a move his security detail will likely be glad to hear, at least. 
"I would like to focus on the things I would do," he said.

In fact earlier this year, he had briefly challenged United Russia in the election that's now considered stolen by the Putin, yet he resigned from his own party 'Right Cause' after internal disputes he claims were orchestrated by the Kremlin. In the wake of a recent reshuffle at Right Cause, he's ready to run for President- offering a pretty decent looking alternative to the current regime from  almost anybody's angle.

Prokhorov is ranked by Forbes as Russia's 3rd richest man with a net worth of 18 billion dollars...