27 December 2011

WAY-TO-GO Democratic Voters of Illinois !!!

With morally-warped exhibitionist 'Hot' Rod Blagojevich checking-into the Gray Bar Hotel for a spell, you're now looking at FOUR of the last six Illinois governors sent to federal penitentiary- if anyone's still keeping count. The equivalent of batting .666... isn't that special.

Anyhoo, you people sure do know how to pick a winner... and what a swell president you sent us!

As for the shockingly-corrupt Illinois Democratic 'machine', at least they're getting caught, I guess- tho it's hard to say the convictions have produced any sort of deterrent effect.

Call it the Illinois Institute of Kleptocracy... just the way things 'work' in the world's biggest cow town. But the state's politicians couldn't be this bad without friends to help: long before there was Jeffrey Immelt and other Third-Reich-style crony capitalists splitting the loot with Obama on a national scale, there was scamming with the seedy Giannoulias clan back the Windy City while Tony Rezko assisted in screwing low-income housing hopefuls as well as taxpayers (right alongside fellow snake Valerie Jarrett).

Blago license plate

Rezko was of course also a key player in Blago's seemingly ceaseless shenanigans, and they went down hard in seperate federal trials (Rezko 10.5 yrs, Blago 14) without singing re. Obama nor Emanuel -when they both surely know plenty- surprising to me at least.  Now watch Obama go and pardon one or both of them next January... that won't surprise anybody.

On the bright side, the state has issued a special commemorative plate to honor the landmark occasion...

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Blago license plate

Court.us   The (Toronto) Star   h/t Roberto