14 December 2011

'Right-Wing Social Engineering'- Now WHY Would Newt Go and Say a Thing Like That?

Not just some offhand comment...

GOP court-jester Ron Paul is now working the remark hard in Iowa as he attempts to sow doubt in the hearts of Newt-intenders... while the rest of us scratch our heads and wonder what ever possessed Gingrich to put it out there in the first place.

After seeing the Ryan budget's approval rating tank in the polls for a month, Newt came out in mid-May stating he didn't find 'right-wing social engineering' any more palatable than ObamaCare's 'left-wing social engineering'. The former House Speaker then attempted to nuance that criticism of Ryan's Path to Prosperity in the days following, only to sound a bit more defensive of the initial statement again later: flop-flip-flop?

With young buck Paul Ryan -a rising star in the GOP to be sure- rolling out such a bold plan to tackle out-of-control federal spending, TEA Party conservatives were suitably impressed... especially since nobody else seemed willing to cough-up a real, workable proposal (certainly not disingenuous, commission-appointing/ignoring-whilst-golfing Obama). Most of us on the right didn't seem to care much for Newt throwing cold water on it, either- that was certainly my initial reaction.

But considering that the Republicans' top medium-term priority is unquestionably recapture of the White House -followed closely by a total conquest of Capitol Hill- did a highly-specific, tough-love austerity budget plan laid-out in all gory detail (while the other side kept their cards pressed tightly against their skeevy hearts) help the GOP... or hurt us? 
(hint: there's a reason Obama lies all the time).

Recall that a lot of people were surprised to hear Trump -at the time leading polls and in favor of large budget cuts in principle- come out aggressively against the Ryan Plan's 
ill-conceived strategic timing- yet it undeniably granted the Dems two full years to demagogue the issue and terrorize seniors:

I like Paul Ryan very much, but the plan that was put forward was put forward too early... there's no reason to put forward a plan that even touches Medicare, not at this point... 

It was put in play by the Republicans, and (we've) got elections to win. And you talk about "demagogue"... the Democrats are doing a number on that (Ryan) plan like you've never seen!

Indeed the DNC wasted little time: not willing to wait for 2012, they beat the Medicare drum hard and often in both the NY special election (victorious, gubernatorial) campaign of Mario Cuomo, as well as their failed bid to retain disgraced pervert Anthony Weiner's congressional seat. In fact, eventual GOP winner Bob Turner had to renounce the Ryan plan in order to bring us that historic victory in NY-9 (the first time a Republican has held the seat in 90 years). 

Scheming progs were planning to beat the Republicans over the head with it for years... right through 2012 at a minimum.

Glenn Foden @ TownHall

Say what you want about The Donald in the wake of his recent debate-that-wasn't, but it's fairly obvious that he was right in this instance (as was Gingrich in practice, if not principle). Yet this was just as might be expected from far more experienced and skilled political strategists (read salesmen/poker players) than Paul Ryan, who -understandably- thought it was clever enough to release the plan in the midst of 2011 tax-prep season.

As for Gingrich, it appears he was carrying water for the RNC from where I'm standing (not the first time that's caused him major grief)... and thus now not in a position to be so brutally frank with 'it was politics': alas, primary opponents from the same Republican Party he was working in the service of as-a-whole now get to paint Newt as a RINO, flip-flopper, or worse- and there's really not much he's able to say in his defense, effectively gagged on this one.

As for the flipping and flopping, imo he had to walk a fine line not to hurt Mr Ryan's political capital any more than necessary, in addition to keeping all real options open for Republicans in the dealing with entitlement spending over the long-term.

You don't think so? Note the careful choice of words in that pointed criticism of social engineering. Although the budget featured dramatic across-the-board cuts, it is clear to me that Gingrich was attempting to abate any fears regarding the Social Security/Medicare portion of the plan in a very targeted manner and thereby dilute the Democrats' ability to turn the issue against us.  

Everybody on our side seems to be aware that Social Security is job #1 in any realisitic attempt to tackle out-of-control entitlement spending... yet regrettably, it's also the Left's favorite issue to frighten voters with as they tell people whatever they want to hear, stick their lying heads in the sand, and pretend that the well will never run dry.

While I have no way of knowing if Paul Ryan has learned anything from all this, Ron Paul apparently has not: never what you'd call a 'team player', Mr Paul surely sees himself as too messianic a figure to be bothered with trivial practical priorities like ridding this country of Barack Obama... to me the most vital task, one this unsettling old crank is manifestly not up to.

Not that anyone will ever have to worry about a Paul nomination: with "There's no Medicare in the Constitution!" just yesterday it appears he's still doing his damndest to try and scare-off any 2012 GOP voters the Ryan plan missed. Alas, as is so typical of cults, the fate of 'outsiders' don't seem to matter much to the paulbots (they're all bad and inferior to The Leader- so screw em), and in this case, that includes 90% of the Republican Party -along with pretty much all the rest of the country.

So quit egging him on, Iowa... time to get serious already.

UPDATE @ Legal Insurrection
Ryan re-engineers Medicare plan... Newt was Right


Noot in the Nooz: Newton Leroy Gingrich continues to hold a double-digit lead in Iowa, and up ten points nationally.  And while iffy-outlyer PPP has Ron Paul closing within one point in Iowa... they also show Newt now pulling away from the entire GOP pack in California, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

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republicanmother said...

From where you stand, this post makes sense. From what I've read for the past year, it is easy to see where Newt is coming from --monied interests. He and Obama have the same boss -Goldman and like players.

You can make fun of Paul all day long, but no one questions his loyalty to his oath, which he made to the Constitution of the United States, not the republican party.

Reaganite Republican said...

I am a peace-through-strength Reaganite Republican

And Ron Paul scares the living shit out of me- that statement about how Bush celebrated 9/11 was really beyond the pale... apparently he's got zero class, too

Jeff Stone said...

The actual quote only bears a fleeting resemblance to your off-handed "paraphrase"

Rep. Paul: “Think of what happened after 9/11, the minute before there was any assessment, there was glee in the administration because now we can invade Iraq, and so the war drums beat,”

That is not the logical equivalent to "Bush celebrated 9/11"

Reaganite Republican said...

What some others are saying about Wackadoodle Ron:


Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

RR, I agree that Paul essentially said Bush celebrated. Celebrating generally indicates a degree of glee.

About Social Security, I deeply believe that we must stop saying SS is our biggest problem. Remember, SS pays for itself. It is only a problem because the money has been spent - because those trillions are earning nothing.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate the RNC?

ScottiG said...

Interesting that Dr. Paul claims that Speaker Gingrich hurt the GOP by speaking critically of the Ryan plan so Dr. Paul then bashes Gingrich (violating Reagan's 11th Amendment) thus hurting the GOP.

Reaganite Republican said...

I'm sure Newt is hating the RNC right about now too! Seem to have caused him more harm than good-

Real good point on the SS... Medicare and other entitlements are more the problem, yet these issues are demogogued speciously by the Left

Reaganite Republican said...

Right on Scott- only Gingrich seems to be obeying the 11th Commandment... if the others will let him

kellsbells said...

Sorry, Mr. President, but I kinda dig Ron Paul. He gets it. If Cain is on the ballot, I'm voting for him. I sincerely believe that any candidate will beat Obama.

Anonymous said...

What is with the escort/porno ads doing on this site.

kellsbells said...

Anonymous, this whole time, I honestly thought that the "mutually beneficial relationships" ad was a teaser to get people to buy insurance.

Reaganite Republican said...

That ad is gone tomorrow

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