14 January 2012

Angry Clingers UNITE!

Indignant voices from the rightmost fringes of the Blogosphere...

Proof Positive: Medal of Honor

The Camp of the Saints: Target: Robert ‘Bob’ Belvedere

Adrienne's Corner: Rick Santorum defies Catholic teaching?

And So It Goes in Shreveport: Happy Valentine's Day, 
Jerry Jeff!

Caught Him With a Corndog: Dogs Just Know

The Other McCain: Can Mitt Be Stopped? 
‘A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Romney Inevitability’

TOMc co-ranter Smitty: 'Somehow, I Thought This Was 
About The Republican Primaries' (lol)

American Power: Cell Phone Stops New York Symphony

Pirate's Cove: EPA To Fine Companies $6.8 Million For 
Failing To Use Bio-Fuel That Doesn’t Exist

Say Anything: 
Microsoft Unveils “Avoid Ghetto” GPS Feature, People Freak Out

Right Klik: Romney's Bain Helped Obama With Auto Bailout

Pamibe: Skating on Thin Ice with Hot Blades

Legal Insurrection: OH SAY SO YOU SEE !!!

Right, Wing-Nut!: Iranian Assassinations: 
Is The USA Cringing Chicken?