17 January 2012

Biggest Small Navy in the World . . .

Brit Phil Warren took 63 years to build this incredible fleet of 432 ships in exacting 1:300 scale- and check this out: every last one of them is built entirely from matchsticks and matchboxes.
The amazing collection includes nearly 370 American and 
60 British RN ships.

Mr Warren started the first one in post-war 1948 when just a lad of 17, and the only tools utilized in their impeccable construction are razor blade, tweezers and sandpaper. Balsa wood glue keeps it all together.. and that's it. 

More than 650,000 used matchsticks and boxes were used to create the fleet (must know every smoker in town). Phil has even assembled over 1,200 aircraft to grace the decks of the carriers.

Hey, at least he wasn't upstairs bothering his wife all the time... the man's got a gift, that's for sure:

Matchstick fleet
h/t Bob


kellsbells said...

Wow! What an amazing collection! Did you see this in person, Mr. President?

Reaganite Republican said...

Nope, it's at a museum in England

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