06 January 2012

Curves of Wonder- from Down Under!
Miss Australia 2011 is Scherri-Lee Biggs

No bad 'biggs' or 'down undah' jokes in a 
Crocodile Dundee accent, please...
respect the young (20) lady- she's a guest here!

Miss Australia 2011

Sherri-Lee Biggs

Sherri-Lee Biggs

Miss Australia 2011

Goodness gracious... what's not to like!

More classy broads from Stacy McCain's 'Rule 5' gang:

btw,  Woodsterman... I would love to link you because you're a good guy, but all your recent posts are absolutely disgusting lol.


Randy-g said...

You have become quite the worldly guy RR...Poor Odie, hell I link the dude!

Matt said...

Wow, that's a reason to go down under!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Damn RR, I'm so sorry about that ... NOT.

Cute Babe!

Reaganite Republican said...

Keep up the standard, Odie lol

And keep your shrimp off the Barbie, Matt!

ORPO1 said...

I linked this after seeing it at TCOTS! At my wordpress blog http://desertf16apg.wordpress.com/ and have you on the blogroll there and at http://oldretiredpettyofficer.blogspot.com/

Reaganite Republican said...

Much obliged, sir

Done and done

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