11 January 2012

Gingrich-Palin 2012: Is 'Cuda Preparing to Endorse Newt . . . On Way To the VP Slot?

Am I the only one who found Todd Palin's 
independent endorsement of Newt curious?

Sure would help answer a few questions lingering about, like 'Why isn't she endorsing?' while husband Todd was making that unusual, unexpected move.

It's hard not to think he did it for a reason, and the timing rouses the imagination... are they talking, or has something already been set in motion? Gingrich said back in December that he would definitely consider Palin as a running mate.

Mr Palin's explanation for his wife's remaining on the sidelines went 'not decided on who's best suited to face Obama'... 
like maybe somebody needs a 'Cuda on the ticket?

Can you imagine these two dynamos out on the campaign trail? 

It is entirely possible Sarah would simply endorse Gingrich and campaign for him in the lead-up to Florida... a victory there would put Newt instantly out front in the delegate count.  

Just look at the poll numbers as they stand now in Florida:

Romney 31.5%
Gingrich 25.0
Santorum 8.5
Paul 7.5
Perry 4.5
Huntsman 1.5

If Perry and Santorum packed-it-in after South Carolina, perhaps Palin could fill the void. Ron Paul is in it for Ron Paul, so don't expect any team effort from them... he's a Libertarian, not a Republican.  But the residual TEA Party right could put this together down there...

Gingrich  38%
Romney  31.5

That's more like it!

The contrasts of Newt and Sarah -an odd couple on the surface- could find quite a bit of political synergy (Southeast/Northwest, Catholic/Evangelical, male/female, academic/blue collar). Note that both are self-described Reaganites with very similar political platforms, and have had only had nice things to say about each other for quite some time now.

Call it the Screw-the-Negatives Tour. But regardless of what jive and false bravado they may try to lay on you, the Obama White House would be horrified to face a Gingrich-Palin 2012 ticket, 
as these two would be coming at them like Ninja warriors.

The dearth of energy and excitement among conservatives today owes directly to a feeling of doom... trapped by fate to be stuck with Romney, or perhaps even another four years of Obama.

Yet it doesn't have to be this way: the GOP's factions on the right (TEA Party/Evangelical Christians/right-to-lifers/libertarians/peace-through-strength Republicans) are what's keeping weak frontrunner Romney afloat. His support is tepid, and there's not all that much of it to begin with: alas, divisions that have emerged to the right of Mittens are are making it extremely difficult for conservatives to coalesce behind one single candidate/platform.

Might Palin be the one who could pull a critical mass together on the right wing of the GOP? She appears to be laying the groundwork already, as in her recent reach-out to Ron Paul supporters: we certainly need their ideas and votes... just don't want their guy as Commander-in-Chief, that's all. The Arctic Fox has also been praising the Santorum camp while making it plenty clear she doesn't think Romney's the way to go.

The 'excitement deficit' would certainly vanish with the advent of an electrifying Gingrich-Palin 2012 ticket, you know that. And if successful in unifying the Republican right, additional benefits would include heading-off the damaging Trump and/or Paul independent runs that a Romney nomination would all but guarantee

Victory in November's general election would also mean wresting control of the GOP from the RINO Beltway establishment... completing a TEA Party's takeover of the Republican Party in this country. How sweet-it-is to contemplate a ticket we all could love without having to pretend.

Note to RNCrevenge is a dish best served cold! The day may soon be approaching when you will deeply regret the way you tried to destroy these two fine American patriots... because now they're going to squish your golden boy Romney like a bug.


Randy-g said...

It would work and I would get behind them!

Mark Adams said...

I just read the Newt Campaign has booked him to speak at a home builders rally in SC... with featured guest speaker liberal Clyburn. THAT is NOT going to help! I swear, who it running his campaign?
This is his moment to get right back in the thick of things... Don't blow it Newt! He needs to drop out of that appearance.

Silverfiddle said...

Palin VP? Didn't they already try that once? And didn't they fail?

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

RR, I love your imagination. It would be a nice combination, but I just don't think it possible.

Reaganite Republican said...

I honestly don't think she and Todd want to go through it right now, they have it pretty good.

BUT it's interesting speculating since she's clearly up-to SOMEthing- and I wonder what

Reaganite Republican said...

PS- I would like to see THE ENDORSEMENT for sure, and a Sarah stumping tour in support of Noot

Anonymous said...


John Galt said...

We have good reasons to believe that even though "Ron Paul has all the psychological make-up of a politician that if he doesn't get his way" he would have no qualms of running in a third party, that this time he won't, and he can't, do it.

Our case is presented in the piece "Ron Paul Is No Titan Saturn - No Third Party Run" at http://www.RAmericaChronicle.com
Our premise is uncontestable.

Anonymous said...

Gingrich would be better off with Allen West or Marco Rubio as his VP---Palin has been made out to be a bimbo in the press and even though it is not true there are millions and millions who believe it...

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