01 January 2012

Ossified Republican Establishment KNOWS Gingrich Stands Ready to Cream Clark Kent

And they're pulling out all the stops to prevent it...

Hawaii Reporter

Even in the wake of a really unprecedented series of attacks on Newt Gingrich from Team Mittens, the GOP Beltway suits, and allied media types, the Georgia doughboy stands up a couple points nationally... while the upcoming primary slate still seems to heavily favor a Gingrich nomination.

You scoff? OK, assume worse-case for Newt in Iowa (although one fresh poll still has him right at the top, with many undecideds expected to break back Gingrich's way).  Then -say- Newt scores a second or third in NH... he won't be doing any worse than that.  

Alas, the south is still most of what matters... and they don't dig Romney all that much: South Carolina comes first, where Newt is up solid double-digits. In Florida Newt's polling at almost 40%, while Romney's been stuck at 30% for what seems like forever. After that delegate jackpot puts him instantly out-front, Newt polls over 50% pretty much everywhere throughout the region... and the GOP establishment knows it.

Thus, the unrelenting, unprincipled, and downright vicious conspiracy to destroy Gingrich that we've been seeing over the last couple weeks- they need to not just chill him in Iowa, but STOP HIM COLD.

Surely Art Laffer and Michael Reagan coming out and endorsing Newt did little to endear them to the Beltway establishment, either. But they're not the only ones standing up and speaking out against how so many in the GOP are conducting a hideous smear campaign against one of our own: a man that has done one hell of a lot of good for the United States of America in general, and the Republican Party in particular.

Rush Limbaugh says he's 'never seen anything like it', as a clearly-frightened DC Republican old-guard has their minions in the media like George Will (bow tie spinning, steam puffing out of his ears) calling Newt 'a Marxist'... when he's never before garnered the courage to call Obama one (!)

What's up with that?


joetote said...

I for one am worried as to the Republican establishment! They as their Democratic opposites are so entrenched as to power and their way of doing things that the electorate and more so America in general does not mean anything to them! They are very bit as responsible for the slide to Euro Socialism as King Barak, Prince Harry and the rest of them. they are every bit responsible for the entitlement mentality, the low education standards and More as are the Democrats! while i would never call Newt a Marxist, he in many ways is part of that entrenched establishment! while one can hope he has seen the error of his ways, one must still wonder.

Having said that, Newt or Santorum are still far and above better than the leftist scum now running this country! It is indeed sad to watch the entrenched Republicans in effect putting their own power lust and phony baloney jobs ahead of not only party, but in fact ahead of their country! and that folks is the sad state of politics in our country now1

Anonymous said...

Obviously the Bushies are backing Mittens. The Reaganites are backing Newt.
The Bushie/Romney superPACs are still going to open up on Newt in NH, SC, FL, etc.

Reaganite Republican said...

Exactly- plenty more mud to come, but he can take it imo

Lucas said...

GOP stablishement is run by cultural marxists.

Mittens only chance in wining the socialist in chief is to pick a REAL conservative pagin Allen West) as VP.

Mark Adams said...

Just made a New Years resolution. And that is to not watch Fox News until after the nominee is chosen. Spent most of the day analyzing Fox News coverage on the Iowa caucus today and roughly 70% was a favorable coverage for Romney. They did a sights and sound of the candidates, and about 60% was showing Romney shaking hands with Iowans. Newts only sight and sound was when he got emotional about his mothers and broke down. Just heard Chris Wallace say tonight(when talking about Newts comment that Romney's buying the elections, the last 5 years with all his money) that Newt was whining. Not going to be swayed by this News station! What happened to Fair & Balanced???

Reaganite Republican said...

Fox is bullshit... they're a tool of the DC party establishment, it's sad. They beat up Bachmann and Cain when they dared to pull out front of Romney, too.

NEW MEDIA blogs are the only avenue to the hallowed truth for we conservatives today.

Lucas said...

Media elite, left or "right", is infiltrated by cultural marxists. THe only trusted news are those who do it for the purpose of informing people, not please people.

Al said...

While I am not supporting Gingrich today (nor Romney for that matter), I have gotten very sick & tired of the mudslinging. In fact, for daring to say I was willing to give him the benifit of the doubt on his claims of changing, esp on the pro-life issues, I got accused of having no conscience when it comes to the murder of unborn babies via abortion. & when that was refuted, the mudslinger changed the subject to guilt by association since I live in Dubuque.
That aside, I also agree that the Republican establishment is more concerned about staying in power, even if it means 4 more years of Obama, than coming out for what needs to be done to get America back on the right track.
Right now, I would love to see Romney come in behind Gingrich, Paul & Santorum.

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