24 January 2012

Rasmussen: Newt Pulling Away Nationally

Gingrich 35%    Romney 28    Santorum 16    Paul 10 

Well, that happened quite a bit quicker than I expected- Newt out 7 points on Mittens nationally.  If you missed it, Gallup already had the Former House Speaker hypothetically in a statistical dead-heat with Obama, too... maybe he's 'electable' after all, eh.

And another thing you hear from the other side is stuff about Newt’s considerable ego and ‘megalomaniac’, etc.

Well, consider this: the ball is REALLY teed up for any who’d like to be a conservative hero of all time… think about it. The opportunity is right there, and NOW: Newt said he’s going to institute a Reagan-Laffer-Kemp agenda… right?

Pulling the country out of the steep descent of the bizarre and destructive Obama era could make Newt the man of history his ego has long craved… and he’s surely smart enough to smell the opportunity. He's actually so strident in his conservative rhetoric, you could say he's pretty much painted himself into a corner.

That shining city on a hill is a pretty powerful motivator for him to stick to his Reaganite platform… the ego is far from a negative imho, now that he’s so obviously matured: on the contrary, could drive him on to success... and this one knows just how to do it.

If Newt Gingrich has wandered in his thinking out loud, so be it- I don’t think there’s any gain for him personally in morphing to RINO in office… think about it that way. His economic agenda was enthusiastically endorsed by Art Laffer- that ought to count for something.

Newt Pulling Away Nationally