13 February 2012

Ever Think You'd Live to See THIS?

NO GOD BUT ALLAH dollar bill

One surfaced recently in Colorado, as they are beginning to around the US. Clearly, some characters (that we never should have let into the country) have gone to the trouble of getting stamps made -not some random scribble- just so they can put this rubbish in your face.

About all one can do is reject the bills as defaced to keep the propagandized currency from circulating, much as resolutely repainting a public wall neutralizes graffiti artists' platform:
please beware and DO NOT accept such bills from anyone.

Anybody out there who still doesn't think we are at war...?

As the well-worn Trotsky quote goes- 'You may not be interested in war... but war is interested in you'.

In other words, if you think these people are ever going to learn to mind their own business and leave you alone... you're nuts: they'd be climbing in your window with a sword right now, given the chance.

-h/t Speedunque-